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Mentoring Stories

Many people have acted as mentors or have been mentored. However, in many cases, neither the person acting as a mentor or the person being mentored may realize or recognize that mentoring has occurred. Sometimes people involved in mentoring do not actually use the term mentoring and instead describe their relationship as influential, impactful or learning-oriented. Such informal mentoring occurs quite frequently and it is probably wide-spread throughout the world.

We have solicited stories about mentoring from a variety of individuals. The stories are personal and we have edited some aspects of the story to protect the privacy or identity of the persons involved. The stories provided here are intended to act as examples of the various outcomes associated with mentoring.

Adobe Logo Each story has been prepared in Adobe Acrobat PDF. To be able to read any of these stories, your browser will need to have a copy of Acrobat Reader. This software is free from Adobe and is compatible with virtually all computers and browsers. To download a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, select the Adobe graphic at the beginning of this paragraph.

Read Icon A mentor dies but his influence continues
Read Icon A round peg in a square hole needed a mentor
Read Icon Craftsman recalls being mentored and being a mentor
Read Icon An accidental mentor saved my life
Read Icon A university professor receives career mentoring
Read Icon A mentor took a disabled athlete from despair to hope
Read Icon A banking career is stymied because of the glass ceiling
Read Icon A mentor yielded a career full of attitude
Read Icon An artist reveals how to find mentors
Read Icon How a mentor helped me deal with difficult projects
Read Icon A mentor helps single parent balance work and family
Read Icon Running Wolf showed how adversity is an opportunity
Read Icon A mentor dies but leaves a legacy with his partner
Read Icon A famous mentor helps an even more famous team member deal with racism
Read Icon A partner recalls how a mentor changed her life direction
Read Icon A mentor provides a legacy of 19,000 mentors
Read Icon A cricket batsman pays tribute to his mentor
Read Icon The Barefoot Diva's legacy
Read Icon Record albums become spiritual mentors
Read Icon Mutuality is a key element of a valued mentorship
Read Icon The Royal Legacy story regarding how the term "mentor" was invented
Read Icon Coached, mentored, and loved: a winning combination
Read Icon A science mentor gives and learns
Read Icon A musical note connects to a mentor
Read Icon The unforgettable mentor
Read Icon A lesson in leadership from a mentor
Read Icon A famous write shares his gratitude
Read Icon The talk-show mentor supports stardom
Read Icon Success strategies from a mentor's mentor

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