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The Mentor Hall of Fame

Virtually anyone can benefit from having a mentor. And many athletes can identify a special person who provided what they needed to develop as a person and an athlete.

The following list of mentor pairs was compiled by Rey Carr from a variety of sources including autobiographies, biographies, newspaper articles, personal interviews, and diligent historical research.

If you know of mentor pairs that ought to be added, we have provided an opportunity for you to submit the names and details: Add a Mentor Pair.


  • NASCAR star and broadcaster Buddy Baker (1941-2015) is a mentor to Sprint Cup Series driver Ryan Newman.
  • Two-time Indy 500 winner Juan Pablo Montoya is a mentor to former NASCAR driver's son Sebastian Montoya.

  • Canadian & Indy car driver Paul Tracy is a mentor to A.J. Allmendinger
  • Oriol Servià is a mentor to James Hinchcliffe (Canadian IndyCar driver)
  • Dale Earnhardt, Sr. (racing driver) mentor to Michael Waltrip (race driver) and Ned Yost (MLB manager)
  • Willi Weber mentor to Michael Schumacher (Formula I champion)
  • Ken Tyrrell (British racing team founder) mentor to Jackie Stewart (three-time Formula One champion)
  • Ray Evernham (crew chief) mentor to Jeff Gordon (NASCAR driver)
  • Robbie Buhl (Indy car owner-driver) mentor to Sarah Fisher (fastest woman Indy car driver)
  • Craig Pollock mentor to Jacques Villeneuve
  • Ayrton Senna (late Brazilian Formula 1 champion) mentor to Rubens Barrichello (Brazilian race car driver)
  • Peter Possom Bourne (NZ rally car driver) mentor to Cody Crocker and Mark Stacey (rally car drivers)
  • John Forces (champion Funny Car racer) mentor to Tony Pedregon (NHRA Funny Car racer)

  • Austrian three-time Formula I champion and aviation entrepreneur Niki Lauda (1949-2019) is a mentor to British racing driver and five-time Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton.


  • Michelle Li, Gold medalist at the 2015 PanAm Games, gained her medal by defeating her protege Rachel Honderich.


  • Texas-born, two-time World Series Champion, baseball legend, member of the Professional Baseball Hall of Fame, philanthropist, and businessman Joe Morgan (1943-2020) provided support for a mentoring program at his former elementary school in Oakland, California, and was a mentor to countless young baseball players.

  • American sportswriter, former editor at The New Yorker and author of some of the best baseball books ever written Roger Angell (1920-) is a mentor to award-winning American sportswriter and media personality Peter Gammons. Mr. Angell said "Getting old is the second-biggest surprise of my life, but the first, by a mile, is our unceasing need for deep attachment and intimate love. We oldies yearn daily and hourly for conversation and a renewed domesticity, for company at the movies or while visiting a museum, for someone close by in the car when coming home at night."

  • "The Sultan of Swat", American professional baseball player Babe Ruth (1895-1948) was mentored by Brother Matthias, an assistant athletic director and strict disciplinarian in the reformatory and orphanage the Ruth grew up in.

  • Nebraska-born American professional baseball player who struck out 3, 117 and won two Cy Young Awards Bob Gibson (1935-2020) was mentored by his brother Josh Gibson; and American major league manager Johnny Keane (1911-1967); and was a mentor to professional baseball player Jack Flaherty who recalled his mentor told him "Be a man. Be you."

  • Former first baseman for the San Francisco Giants, a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame and a recognized leader in the clubhouse Willie McCovey (1938-2018) is a mentor to American former professional baseball player Barry Bonds.

  • New York Yankees baseball legend Don Larsen (1920-2020), who threw the only no-hitter in World Series history, was a mentor to former MLB pitcher Jim Palmer.

    When Jackie Robinson (1919-1972) was signed by Branch Rickey (1881-1965) of the Brooklyn Dodgers, he became the first African-American to play major league baseball. Number 42 became the target of considerable racist hatred and death threats. Branch Rickey had warned him that things would be tough and that he should learn to turn the other cheek. Prior to one game, however, Jackie received a telephone call that brought him to his tipping point. He was so devastated he couldn't concentrate and struck out with the bases loaded. In another inning he made a fielding error. The crowd escalated their obscenities. Pee Wee Reese (1918-1999), the white shortstop from Kentucky and Jackie's teammate, called a time-out. Pee Wee put his arm around Robinson and said, "Jackie, let me tell you something. I believe in you. You are the greatest ballplayer I have ever seen. You can do it. I know that. And I know something else: One of these days you are going into the Hall of Fame. So, hold your head up high and play ball like only you can do it." Robinson was uplifted by those words and went on to deliver the game-winning hit for his team. Many years later when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame, Robinson recalled that day on the field with Pee Wee. "He saved my life and my career that day. I had lost my confidence, and Pee Wee picked me up with his words of encouragement. He gave me hope when all hope was gone."

  • Major league baseball catcher and third baseman Russell Martin is a mentor professional baseball catcher Danny Jansen.

  • Puerto Rico-born major league baseball catcher, coach and manager Sandy Alomar, Jr. is a mentor professional baseball catcher Russell Martin.

  • Minnesota Twins outfielder and baseball Hall of Fame member Kirby Puckett (1960-2006) is a mentor to Arkansas-born former professional baseball fielder Torii Hunter. He was remembered by one of the many people he mentored as a person who "Let us know we can pursue anything that we want to as long as we work hard."

  • South Dakota-born former professional baseball player and coach and now Major League Baseball manager Terry Francona is a mentor to professional baseball player, coach and Major League Baseball manager Mickey Callaway, among the youngest to be selected as a manager. Callaway said of his mentor, "He can communicate great, keep players playing hard and create the right culture so you get the maximum out of your players."

  • Dominican Republic-born Major League Baseball infielder Jose Reyes is a mentor to Dominican Republic-born Major League Baseball infielder Amed Rosario.

  • Marlon Byrd is a mentor to MLB professional infielder and All-Star player Justin Turner.

  • Ohio-born former general manager of the New York Yankees and former shortstop Gene Micheal (1938-2017) is a mentor to New York-born major league baseball executive Brian Cashman.

  • American sports commentator Red Barber (1908-1992) is a mentor to miracle sportscaster Vince Scully, the voice of baseball for 67 consecutive seasons.

  • Former Detroit Tigers owner and radio and television executive John Fetzer (1901-1991) is a mentor to MLB Commissiner Bud Selig.

  • Sports broadcaster Red Barber (1908)-1992) is a mentor to veteran sports broadcaster Vin Scully.

  • Former MLB scout and MLB manager Joe Maddon was mentored by pitcher Gene Thompson (1917-2006).

  • American sports commentator Red Barber (1908-1992) is a mentor to miracle sportscaster Vince Scully, the voice of baseball for 67 consecutive seasons.

  • MLB player David Ortiz is a mentor to MLB pitcher Kenny Vargas, MLB outfielder Hanley Ramierz, MLB outfielder Mookie Betts, MLB infielder Xander Bogaerts, and MLB fielder Jackie Bradley Jr.

  • MLB infielder Troy Tulowitzki is a mentor to MLB infielder Devon Travis.

  • MLB Hall of Fame pitcher Robin Roberts (1926-2010) is a mentor to Hall of Fame, Cy Young Award winning pitcher Jim Palmer.

  • MLB All-Star pitcher Sammy Ellis (1941-2016) is a mentor to MLB pitcher and pitching coach Dave Righetti.

  • MLB All-Star pitcher Francisco Rodriguez is a mentor to reliever Jim Henderson.

  • MLB catcher Jeff Mathis is a mentor to MLB catcher J.T. Realmuto.

  • Pitching coach Frank Viola is a mentor to MLB pitcher Noah Syndergaard.

  • MLB pitcher Bartolo Colon is a mentor to pitcher Jeurys Familia

  • MLB manager Ned Yost considers race car driver Dale Earnhardt (1951-2001) his mentor.

  • MLB Pitcher Mark Buerhle and MLB outfielder Juan Bautista are mentors to MLB pitcher Marcus Stroman.

  • Ray Negron, MLB consultant, is a mentor to Bartolo Colon, Cy Young-award winning MLB pitcher.

  • Guy Conti, a former Dodger and Mets coach, is a mentor to Hall of Fame pitcher Pedro Martinez.

  • Billy Martin (player and NY Yankees great manager) (1928-1989) is a mentor to MLB manager Buck Showalter.

  • Kevin Cash (manager of Tampa Bay in 2015) calls Terry "Tito" Francona (manager of Cleveland in 2015) his mentor.

  • Jose Bautista is a mentor to Josh Donaldson

  • Pitcher Kenny Vargas considers David Ortiz his mentor

  • Delino DeShields is a mentor to MLB outfielder Billy Hamilton

  • Michael Weiner (1962-2013), MLB player union leader, is a mentor to replacement leader Tony Clark.

  • Don Zimmer (1931-2014), player, manager, and coach is a mentor to Joe Girardi, MLB Manager

  • MLB pitcher Adam Wainwright is a mentor to MLB pitcher Shelby Miller.

  • George Steinbrenner (Owner, New York Yankees baseball team, Bio) said his mentor told him to "surround yourself with people who were smarter than you are." Little did he know how easy that was going to be.

  • Retired MLB catcher Mike Piazza will be a mentor Mets' catcher Travis d’Arnaud
  • Mark DeRosa is a mentor to Brett Lawrie
  • Starting pitcher A.J. Burnett is a mentor to pitcher Jeff Locke
  • Bill Dickey (1907-1993) was a mentor to Yogi Berra (1925-2015)
  • Yogi Berra (1925-2015) is a mentor to Jorge Posada and Derek Jeter
  • Earl Weaver (1931-2013, MLB manager) is a mentor to Ray Miller (MLB manager)
  • Hall of Fame knuckleballer Phil Niekro is a mentor for 2012 Cy Young Award winner R.A. Dickey
  • Marvin Miller (1917-2012), first director of MLB Players Association, is a mentor to Don Fehr, NHL negotiator
  • Billy Wagner (MLB pitcher) mentor to Craig Kimbrel (MLB relief pitcher)
  • Melky Cabrera (MLB outfielder) is a mentor to Gregor Bianco (MLB outfielder)
  • Joe Maddon (MLB manager) mentor to Dave Martinez (MLB manager)
  • Reggie Jackson mentor to Austin Jackson
  • Freddy Garcia (pitcher) is a mentor to Felix Hernandez (pitcher)
  • Jason Varitek (retired MLB catcher) mentor to Jarrod Saltalamacchia (MLB catcher)
  • Oral Hershiser (MLB pitcher) mentor to Park Chan-ho (MLB pitcher)
  • Sandy Koufax (Hall of Fame pitcher) mentor to Kevin Brown (MLB pitcher) and Clayton Kershaw (MLB pitcher and Cy Young Award winner)
  • Kirby Puckett mentor to Torii Hunter
  • Torii Hunter mentor to Denard Span
  • Buck Showalter (MLB player and manager) mentor to R.A. Dickey (MLB knuckleball pitcher)
  • Jim Leyland (MLB manager) mentor to Terry Collins (MLB manager)
  • Mark McGwire (MLB player and batting coach) mentor to David Freese (MLB player) and Jason Giambi (MLB player)
  • Randy Myers (MLB pitcher) mentor to Alan Embree (MLB pitcher)
  • Greg Maddux (MLB pitcher) mentor to Jason Schmidt (MLB player)
  • Willie McGee (MLB player) mentor to John Mabry (MLB player)
  • Johnny "Gabby" Roseboro (MLB Hall of Fame catcher) mentor to Jeff Torborg (former MLB catcher)
  • Darryl Kile (pitcher) mentor to Matt Morris (pitcher)
  • Hank Aaron, Joe Black (first black pitcher to win a World Series game) and Al Attles (NBA general manager) and Tony La Russa mentors to Dusty Baker (MLB player and manager)
  • Sherwood Brewer mentor to Ernie Banks
  • Ernie Banks mentor to Dick Allen
  • Felipe Alou mentor to Jim Tracey
  • Frank Crosetti was a mentor to Jerry Coleman
  • Tommy Lasorda (Hall of Fame manager Bio) mentor to Bobby Valentine
  • Walter Alston (manager Bio) mentor to Tommy Lasorda
  • Chuck Dressen (former manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers) mentor to Sparky Anderson
  • Frank Torre (brother) mentor to Joe Torre (major league manager)
  • Ron Schueler (former manager, Chicago White Sox) mentor to Dan Evans (General Manager, LA Dodgers)
  • Bistro 45 is a restaurant and art gallery on Mentor Avenue in Pasadena, California
  • Johnny Bench mentored by his father, Ted
  • Cal Ripken, Jr mentored by his father and Eddie Murray (MLB Hall of Fame player)
  • Cal Ripken, Jr mentor to Micheal Barrett and Alex Rodriguez (major league infielders)
  • Ken Griffey, Jr. and Mariano Rivera mentors to Alex Rodriguez
  • George Brett mentored by his father and Charlie Lau (major league batting coach)
  • Albert Belle (major league player) mentored by Andre Thornton (clinic friend)
  • Dwight Gooden (record-holding baseball pitcher) mentored by his father, Dan
  • Ted Williams mentor to Dave Engle (major league batting coach)
  • Randy Jones (1976 Cy Young award-winning MLB pitcher) mentor to Barry Zito (2002 Cy Young award-winning MLB pitcher)
  • Charlie Manuel (MLB manager) mentor to Jim Thome (MLB player and manager)
  • Leo Durocher (baseball manager) mentor to Bill Rigney (baseball manager)
  • Jackie Robinson mentored by Branch Rickey
  • Frank Robinson mentor to Don Baylor
  • Jim Leyland (baseball manager) mentor to Barry Bonds (All-Star baseball player)
  • Miguel Tejada (major league infielder) mentor to Jose Ortiz (major league infielder)
  • Willie Stargell (major league player) mentor to Bobby Bonilla (major league fielder)
  • Johnny Sain (All-Star major league pitcher) mentor to Jim Katt (All-star major league pitcher) and Leo Mazzone (MLB pitching coach)
  • Carlos Tosca (MLB manager) mentor to Livan Hernandez (MLB pitcher)
  • Monte Irvin (Hall of Fame major league player) mentor to Willie Mays
  • MLB manager John McGraw (1873-1934) was a mentor to legendary manager Casey Stengel
  • Casey Stengel mentor to Whitey Herzog
  • Carlton Fisk (All-star, Hall of Fame catcher) mentor to Ron Karkovice (major league catcher)
  • Johnny Bench (All-stare, Hall of Fame player) mentor to Gary Carter (MLB Hall of Fame player)
  • Joe Kerrigan (major league pitching coach) mentor to Jeff Fassero (major league pitcher)
  • Lou Brock mentor to Keith Hernandez (best fielding first baseman in baseball)
  • Eric Davis (major league outfielder) mentor to Shawon Dunston (major league player)
  • Roy Halladay (major league pitcher) mentored by Bus Campbell (former major league catcher)
  • Dan Evans (former general manager, Chicago White Soxs baseball team) mentor to Kim Ng (first female general manager in major league baseball)
  • Ryne Sandberg (All-Star second baseman) mentored by his older brother, Del Sandberg
  • Deb Rupert (late youth baseball coach) mentor to Art Howe (MLB manager)
  • Chu Halabi (MLB scout) mentor to Sidney Ponson (MLB pitcher)
  • Al Leiter (MLB pitcher) mentor to Shawn Estes (MLB pitcher)

  • Inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame in 1967 and into Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY, Chatham, Ontario-born Canadian Ferguson Jenkins, who was the first baseball player to the Lou Marsh Trophy (awarded given annually to Canada's top athlete), was the 1971 Cy Young Award winner, and pitched in the major leagues for 19 years, was mentored by his trainer Windsor, Ontario-born Gene Dziadura (1936-2010), of whom it is said that "without his motivation Fergie might not have become one of the best pitchers of all time.

  • Etobicoke (Ontario) Rangers coach Bob Smyth is a mentor to Canadian-born MLB player Joey Votto, voted the National League's most valuable player in 2010, making him one of only three Canadian players to become an MVP.

  • Eric Gagné, a semi-retired major league baseball player, Cy Young award-winner and three-times nominated to the All-Star team, is a mentor to younger player's on Canada's national baseball team.

  • One of the greatest major league baseball pitchers and one of the first African American pitchers in professional baseball and the first pitcher to win the Rookie of the Year, Most Valuable Player, and Cy Young awards Don Newcombe (1926-2019) was considered a mentor by Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts; and Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Sandy Koufax.

  • American baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Whitey Ford was a mentor to Mabton, Washington-born American major league pitcher and coach Mel Stottlemyre (1941-2019).

  • Major League baseball shortstop Freddy Glavis is a mentor to Major League baseball third baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr. "Freddy was key for me. He showed me how to go out there and work hard. He showed me how to help the team win every night."


  • American Basketball Hall of Fame member and long-time NBA coach Jerry Sloan (1942-2020) was a mentor to professional basketball coach Gregg Popovich, who credited his mentor for his overall coaching success in the NBA.

  • Philadelphia-born retired professional basketball player and NBA All-Star Kobe Bryant (1978-2020) is a mentor to Belgrade-born Serbian professional tennis player and the winner of 16 Grand Slam singles titles Novak Djokovic who spoke emotionally and tearily about his mentor when he was interviewed after winning the 2020 Australian Open quarter final, "I've had a personal relationship with him for the last ten years and when I needed some advice and some support, he was there for me. He was my mentor, my friend."

  • Retired Canadian national championship coach Ken Shields was a mentor Canadian basketball star on both University of Victoria and Canadian Olympic teams, member of the Victoria Sports Hall of Fame and creator of a series of basketball camps to teach youngsters the game Eli Pasquale (1960-2019). Both are members of the Canadian Basketball Hall of Fame.

  • Canada National Team coach Jay Triano; Canadian sports rehab specialist Alex McKechnie; and Canadian superstar basketball player and twice leader of the Canadian national men's Olympic basketball team Eli Pasquale (1960-2019) are mentors to retired two-time Most Valuable NBA player, NBA All-Star and Victoria, British Columbia-born retired player Steve Nash. Mr. Nash said of his mentor: "He passed on a lot of opportunities to me. He told me: 'You can do this. You can play in the NBA." You don't know how powerful that was for a young person to hear. I lived an incredible life and a lot of that was because of the lessons Eli taught me. I learned from him that it's not all about talent. It's about desire, toughness, and competitive spirit."

  • Retired NBA player Dwyane Wade is a mentor NBA player Jimmy Butler.

  • Washington, DC-born Hall of Fame American basketball coach, sports innovator, former player, and member of the team on the podium when Martin Luther King Jr. gave his "I Have a Dream" speech George Raveling, has been called "The Mentor You Wish You Had" in a podcast by Rich Roll and is considered a mentor by many, including motivational speaker, educator, and management strategist Kimati Ramsey, who said to his mentor, "Words cannot express the sincere gratitude I feel each day to have you in my life. I will keep celebrating your legacy by being the best version of myself and being of service to humanity."

  • Canadian Steve Nash, a retired NBA All-Star and considered the greatest passer in NBA history is a mentor to high school teacher Mark Neufeld. Mr. Neufeld wrote that Steve Nash taught him seven life lessons: speak truth to power; think of those less fortunate than yourself; believe in yourself; never give up; work hard; be the best you can be; and share with others. Mr. Neufeld was Steve Nash's English tutor when he was in grades 9 and 10 (Mr. Neufeld was 22). Mr. Neufeld wrote, "Steve reminded me of this fact when he told me: 'I just wrote an article in the Arizona Republic. You should be proud of what I was able to do as a result of your tutelage.' To which I replied: 'I'm just impressed that you can use the word tutelage correctly in a sentence.'"

  • College basketball player and head coach John Wooden (1910-2010), known as the "Wizard of Westwood," and who won 10 national championships in a 12-year period, is mentor to college and professional basketball superstar, author, philanthropist Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

  • Award-winning New York-born NBA player Carmelo Anthony, who said via his Twitter account, "It is in the midst of suffering and hardship that strength of character is formed," is a mentor to Maryland-born college All-American and NBA player Michael Beasley.

  • N.B.A. star Kevin Durant wears No. 35 in honor of one of his mentors, Charles Craig.

  • Philadelphia-born retired professional basketball player and NBA All-Star Kobe Bryant considers pop star Micheal Jackson (1958-2009) and New York-born American composer, conductor and pianist John Williams, his mentors. Bryant received a phone call from Michael Jackson who advised him to "stay the course...don't fall victim to peer pressure," and the life lesson he learned from the King of Pop was that "everything was an opportunity to get better." Mr. Bryant reached out to John Williams because he admired the person who was the musical genius behind some of his favourite films and he thought there could be something he could learn from the way Mr. Willliams composes his score and directs an orchestra. What he wound up learning was "the ability to ask questions; not questions in which he already knows the answers but honest questions to get the person thinking about how to make a piece better." This approach inspired Mr. Bryan to work with his own teammates in a way that enabled them to become the best versions of themselves."

  • NBA player LeBron James is a mentor to NBA player J.R. Smith.

  • The LeBron James Family Foundation provides mentors for inner-city children in Akron, Ohio.

  • NCAA basketball coach Dan Haskins (1940-2008) was a mentor to NCAA national champion basketball player Harry Flournoy Jr. (1943-2016).

  • Hal DeJulio and Red Auerbach were mentors to Bill Russell (NBA Hall of Fame player)

  • NBA player Sean Rooks, who died from heart disease in 2016 at the age of 46, is a mentor to NBA player Quentin Richardson.

  • College basketball coach Dave Odom is a mentor to NBA great Tim Duncan.

  • NBA coach Gregg Popovich is a mentor to NBA coach Steve Kerr.
  • Assistant WNBA coach and Olympic medalist Katie Smith is a mentor to guard Kara Lawson.

  • Retired NBA player Darryl Dawkins, the "Chocolate Thunder" (1957-2015) R.I.P. was a mentor to many youth at Sports U in New Jersey.

  • Dru Joyce (high school basketball coach) is a mentor to LeBron James (NBA player).

  • Holger Geschwindner, (German basketball legend and scientist) is a mentor to Dirk Nowitzki (NBA Superstar and MVP)

  • Gregg Popovich (NBA coach) is a mentor to Mike Budenholzer (NBA coach).

  • Kent Bazemore of the NBA's Atlanta Hawks considers teammate Thabo Sefolosha, a forward, a mentor.

  • Rick Pitino (NBA coach) is a mentor to Billy Donovan (basketball coach)

  • Dean Smith (1932-2015, Bio), basketball coach at North Carolina, is a mentor to John Thompson, Jr. (basketball coach at Georgetown University) and Michael Jordan

  • Thaddeus Young (NBA player) is a mentor to Joel Embiid
  • Tom Thibodeau (NBA assistant coach) is a mentor to Derrick Rose (NBA player)

  • NBA coach Jack Ramsay is a mentor to NBA coach Lionel Hollins.

  • Jeff Webster is a mentor to Julius Randle.

  • NBA coach Gregg Popovich is a mentor to NBA coach Mike Budenholzer.

  • NBA legend, and one of the NBA's 50 greatest players of all-time Bill Sharman (1926-2013) is a mentor to L.A. Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak.

  • Alana Beard (WNBA guard) is a mentor to Jasmine Thomas (WNBA guard)
  • Jason Kidd (NBA point guard) and Yao Ming (first Asian NBA player) are mentors to Jeremy Lin (NBA point guard)
  • Jason Kidd (NBA point guard) is a mentor to Raymond Felton
  • Jay Triano (Canada National Team coach) Alex McKechnie (sports rehab specialist) are mentors to Steve Nash (NBA All-Star player and Canadian)
  • Tracy McGrady (NBA player) is a mentor to Cory Joseph (NBA point guard from Canada)
  • Hakeem Olajuwon (NBA Hall of Fame center) is a mentor to NBA player Obama directed the Department of Veterans Affairs to employ 800 peer-to-peer counselors "to empower veterans to support other veterans and help ensure that their mental health care and overall service needs are met," Amar’e Stoudemire
  • Dwyane Wade, NBA player, calls Tom Crean, his college coach at Marquette, his mentor
  • Mike D'Antoni (NBA coach) mentor to Amar'e Stoudemire (NBA player)

  • Pat Summitt (University of Tennessee former head coach) (1952-2016) is a mentor to Holly Warlick (current head coach, University of Tennessee, Tamika Catchings & coach Kim Mulkey.

  • Red Holtzman (NBA coach) and Tex Winter (NBA coach) mentors to Phil Jackson (NBA coach)
  • George Karl (NBA coach) mentor to Terry Stotts (NBA coach)
  • Phil Jackson (NBA coach) mentor to Michael Jordan and Steve Kerr
  • Michael Jordan mentor to Kwame Brown (NBA No. 1 draft pick, 2001)
  • Julius Dr. J. Erving mentor to George The Iceman Gervin
  • Larry Brown (NBA coach) mentor to Allen Iverson (NBA player), Gregg Popovich (NBA coach) and Herb Brown (NBA player)
  • Chick Hearn (basketball announcer) mentor to Pat Riley (NBA coach)
  • Pat Riley (NBA coach) mentor to Jeff Van Gundy (NBA coach), Byron Scott (NBA coach), and Eric Spoelstra
  • Rudy Tomjanovich (NBA coach) mentor to Larry Smith (NBA coach)
  • Byron Scott (NBA coach) mentor to Stephon Marbury (NBA player)
  • Patrick Ewing (NBA All-Star) mentor to Alonzo Mourning (NBA player) and Okembe Mutombo (NBA player)
  • Bill Russell (NBA Hall of Fame player) mentor to Jermaine O'Neal (NBA player) and Antoine Walker (NBA player)
  • Charles Oakley (NBA player) mentor to Anthony Mason (NBA player) and Ben Wallace (NBA player)
  • James Johnson mentor to Allen Iverson
  • Cotton Fitzsimmons (coach), Bob Knight, Red Holzman, and Larry Brown mentors to Mike Woodson (NBA coach)
  • Steve Francis (NBA player) mentored by Nathan Peake (business manager)
  • Isiaih Thomas (NBA All-Star player) mentor to Jermaine O'Neal (NBA player)
  • Muggsy Bogues (NBA player) is a mentor to Isiaih Thomas (NBA All-Star player)
  • Chris Childs (NBA player) mentor to Carlos Arroyo (NBA player)
  • Dennis Johnson (former NBA player) mentor to Reggie Lewis (former NBA player, died while playing)
  • O.J. McDuffie (NBA player) mentor to Oronde Gadsen (NBA player)
  • Oronde Gadsen (NBA player) mentor to Chris Chambers (NBA player)
  • Sary Benzui (NBA player) mentor to Zhizhi Wang (first Chinese player in NBA)
  • George Karl (coach) mentor to Paul Pierce (NBA player)
  • Bryce Drew (NBA player) mentor to Jamal Crawford (NBA player)
  • Hamaas Abdul-Khaalis (Hanafi Muslim leader) mentor to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

  • Jud Heathcote mentor to Mike Deane (Lamar College basketball coach)

  • Ward Lambert (Hall of Fame Purdue basketball coach) mentor to John Wooden
  • John Wooden (greatest UCLA basketball coach) and Rocky Graciano mentors to Bill Walton and many others including former NFL coach Dick Vermeil who said of Coach Wooden "I only spent three years at UCLA while Coach Wooden was still coaching, but I received a lifetime of positive influence from being around him. I leaned on what I learned from him many times throughout my career."

  • Ken Shields (Canadian national basketball team coach) mentor to Guy Vetrie (UVic basketball coach)
  • Mike Krzyzewski (Duke University basketball coach) mentor to Shane Battier (NCAA basketball champion player)
  • Jim Foster (college basketball coach) mentor to Muffett McGraw (Notre Dame basketball coach) and Geno Auriemma (U of Connecticut basketball coach)
  • University of Washington basketball coach Lorenzo Romar calls Cal coach Mike Montgomery his mentor
  • Dick Harp (college basketball coach) mentor to Roy Williams (college basketball coach)

  • Awarded the U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom for her tireless work to return ancestral lands to the Blackfoot Nation, Elouise Cobell (1945-2011), also known as Yellow Bird Woman, was a mentor to Angie Main, Executive Director of NACDC and Executive Director of VISIONS and member of the Dickinson University Basketball Hall of Fame member Katherine Dayton.

  • Basketball coach Roy Williams is considered a mentor by NCAA basketball coach Mark Few.

  • NBA player Carmelo Anthony is a mentor to Lituanian-born NBA player Kristaps Porzingis.

  • Dean Smith (1932-2015) was a legendary basketball coach who will be remembered as a compassionate leader and mentor who served his players on and off the basketball court. He took an early stand against racial segregation in the 1950s, and he began the tradition of players publicly thanking teammates whose passes made it possible for them to score, a practice he adopted from another legendary basketball coach and mentor, John Wooden (1910-2010). Dean Smith's teams at the University of North Carolina participated in a record 23 straight NCAA tournaments, and his caring more about his players grades than their court performance became known as the "Carolina Way." About 97 percent of his players graduated. Former NBA superstar Michael Jordan referred to Coach Smith as the "most influential person in his life other than his parents. In teaching me the game of basketball, he taught me about life." Current North Carolina head basketball coach Roy Williams said of Coach Smith, "He was the greatest there ever was on the court but far, far better off the court with people. His concern for people will be the legacy I will remember most." Former player Jimmy Black said, "Coach Smith taught me lessons that have stayed with me for life: treat everyone with respect, be punctual, and work hard."

  • Gregg Popovich (NBA coach) is a mentor to Mike Budenholzer (NBA coach) and Steve Kerr (NBA coach).

  • Canadian teacher and certified financial planner David West (1940-2020) set several basketball records at the University of Toronto, played for Team Canada, and was a coach and mentor.

  • Former NBA MVP, head coach and one of the 50 greatest players in league history Wes Unseld (1946-2020) was described as a player who would be "remembered best as a mentor, leader and friend."

  • University of Georgetown legendary basketball coach and the first African-American college coach to lead a team to an NCAA championship John "Big John" Thompson (1941-2020), who once said, "I functioned better when I thought people didn't like me than I did when I thought they did," was a mentor to many, including former professional basketball player Allen Iverson, who said "Thanks for saving my life coach. I'm going to miss you, but I'm sure you are looking down on us with a big smile." Another player he mentored, Dikembe Mutombo, who played for three seasons under Coach Thompson at Georgetown, wrote: "Very sad news to wake up to on this cloudy morning. Our legendary Georgetown coach, John Thompson has passed away. He was my mentor, great teacher, hero and a father figure to so many us who got the chance to play for him. Under coach Thompson, I learned a lot about the game of basketball but most importantly, I learned how to be a man in society. We will really miss him. RIP coach." Professional football coach Mike Tomlin didn't play basketball at Georgetown, but grew up idolizing "Big John" and considered him to be a mentor.

  • Eighteen-year NBA veteran and legendary UConn player, known as "Uncle Cliffy", Clifford Robinson (1966-2020), who upon retirement developed the Uncle Cliffy brand of legalized marijuana, was a mentor to basketball player Chris Smith.

  • College basketball coach who holds the all-time winnigest coach in Arizona men's basketball history Lute Olson (1935-2020) was a "mentor and role model to many of his former players who went on to make their mark on the NBA, including Steve Kerr, Sean Elliott and Richard Jefferson.

  • College basketball coach and member of the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame Lou Henson (1932-2020) is a mentor to former NBA player Reggie Theus; former college basketball player Stephen Bardo, who said of his mentor, "The more of an adult I became, the older my kids became, I would hear Coach Henson's voice more. I would impart the lessons I learned from him onto my children. He had an enormous impact on my life."


  • Matthew Stevens (world snooker champion) mentored by his father, Morrell

  • Retired machinery worker Asa Long (1904-1999), known as the "Iron Man" for his strong nerves, winning record, and checkers world title holder from 1934-1948 was a mentor to Ohio-born world checkers champion and regarded as the game's best player ever Marion Tinsley (1927-1995). The Encyclopedia of Checkers declared: "Marion Tinsley is to checkers what Leonardo da Vinci was to science, what Michelangelo was to art and what Beethoven was to music."


  • Pierre Lueders, Winter Olympics gold medal sledder from Canada, mentor to Justin Kripps, Canadian bobsled Olympic medalist and World Cup slider


  • Indiana-born American professional wrestler and football player Dick the Bruiser (Richard Affllis) (1929-1991) was a mentor to professional wrestler and wrestling promoter, commentator and manager Bobby Heenan (1944-2017).

  • Six-time world wrestling champion Christine Nordhagen is a mentor to Canadian Olympic gold medal wrestler, Erica Wiebe.

  • Professional boxing trainer Freddie Roach is a mentor to Filipino professional boxer, politician, named Fighter of the Decade, and winner of multiple world boxing titles Manny Pacquiao.

  • Three-time world heavyweight boxing champion, Kentucky-born American activist, poet, philosopher, and phlianthropist, Muhammad Ali (1942-2016) is a mentor to five-time world champion, mother of three and member of parliament Indian boxer Mary "magnificent" Kom.

  • Montreal-born Canadian boxing offical and executive and former boxer Guy Jutras was a mentor to Jamaican-born Canadian boxer and boxing referee Marlon Wright (1966-2017).

  • Nigerian weightlifter Obiji Lovelyn, a world record holder, considers her coach Are Feyisetan her mentor.

  • Dusty Rhodes (1946-2015), WWE Hall of Fame wrestler, is a mentor to WWE Executive VP Paul "Triple H" Levesque.

  • Devon Cormack, trainer, is a mentor to bantamweight champion boxer Heather Hardy.

  • Olympic rower Marnie McBean is a mentor to three-time world champion boxer Mary Spencer.

  • Canadian boxing champion and member of the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame Sammy Luftspring (1916-2000, Bio) is a mentor to Spider Jones, Golden Gloves champion and member of the Canadian Boxing Hall of Fame (Bio)
  • Louis Cyr (Quebec strongest man) mentored by his grandfather
  • Bob Geigel (wrestling promoter) mentor to Jesse Ventura (governor of Minnesota)
  • Mohammed Mirajuddin (coach) mentor to Mohammed Ali Qaman (boxer)
  • Michael Moorer mentor to David Tua
  • Floyd Mayweather, Sr. mentor to Oscar De La Hoya
  • Floyd Mayweather, Jr. mentor to Adrien Broner
  • Ken Hamilton (trainer) mentor to Shawn O' Sullivan (Canadian boxer)
  • Loyiso Mtya mentor to Khulile Makeba (flyweight champion)
  • Rueben Hurricane Carter mentor to Lesra Martin
  • Cus D'Amato (trainer) mentor to Floyd Patterson (World champion boxer) and Mike Tyson (heavyweight champion boxer)
  • Eddie Futch (trainer of five heavyweight champions and a Golden Gloves champion himself) mentor to Marlon Startling (lightweight champion) to whom he said: "Marlon, I've taught you all you know, but I haven't taught you all I know."
  • John Davenport and Frank Maloney mentors to Lennox Lewis (world heavyweight boxing champion)
  • Bouie Fisher (trainer) mentor to Hasim Rahman (boxer)
  • Rocky Marciano (world heavyweight boxing champion) mentor to Ingemar Johansson (Swedish boxer and world heavyweight champion)
  • Malcolm X mentor to Muhammad Ali
  • Muhammad Ali mentor to his daughter, Laila Ali (female boxer), boxer Larry Holmes, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who said, "To sports fans he was an unparalleled champion of the world, faster and smarter than any heavyweight before. To athletes, he was a model of physical perfection and shrewd business acumen. To the Muslim community, he was a pious pioneer testing America’s purported religious tolerance. To the African-American community, he was a black man who faced overwhelming bigotry the way he faced every opponent in the ring: fearlessly."

  • Richard Steele (boxing coach) mentor to Mitch Halpern (professional boxing referee)
  • Hossein Rezazadeh, the president Iranian Weight Lifting Association, is a mentor to 2012 Olympic gold medalist Behdad Salimikordasiabi

  • Dave McKay (wrestling coach) mentor to Daniel Igali (Olympic Gold Medal wrestler)

  • Oscar De La Hoya is a mentor to fighter Saúl Álvarez


  • Patricia McCormick (1930-2013), the first female professional bullfighter was mentored by matador Alejandro del Hierro.

  • Jose Flores Camara was a mentor to Manolete (bullfighter)


  • K.K. Mohandas is a mentor to Bilal Khan.

  • Sir Vivian Richards is a mentor to the Pakistan cricket team.

  • Pakistani cricket champ Asif Bajwa is a mentor to bowler Mohammad Amir.

  • Cricket coach Azam Khan is a mentor Anwar Ali (Pakistan all-rounder).
  • Darren Lehmann (Australian World Cup winning cricket team coach) is a mentor to Michael Clarke (Australia's World Cup cricket test captain).
  • Imran Khan (team Pakistan cricket captain) mentor to Inzamam-ul-Haq (Pakistani batsman)
  • Jock Sutherland (coach) mentor to Richard Hayward (coach)
  • Sachin Tendulkar mentor to Virender Sehwag (batsman)
  • Martin Crowe (World Cup captain) mentor to Stephen Fleming (2003 World Cup Captain for New Zealand)
  • Terry Jenner (Australian cricketer Bio) mentor to Shane Warne (bowler Bio)
  • Neal Abberley (batsman and batting coach) mentor to Ian Bell
  • Adam Gilchrist mentor to Luke Ronchi (batsman and wicketkeeper)


  • Pat Ryan (British Columbia skip) mentor to Randy Ferbey (Alberta skip)

  • Canadian athlete Mary Fleming (????-2020) was devoted to the sport of curling and mentored many new curlers.

    CYCLING and Mountain Biking

  • Sir Bradley Wiggins is a mentor to Olympic gold medal cyclist Laura Trott.

  • Shane Sutton is a mentor to Tour De France winner and 4-time Olympic gold medal cyclist Sir Bradley Wiggins. He said of his mentor, "Sutton's ability to ask the right questions and offer support and encouragement is just as important, if not more so, than the technical information received."

  • Kenyan cyclist David Kinjah is a mentor to Tour de France winner and British champion cyclist Chris Froome.

  • Olympic games gold medallist Jason Queally is a mentor to cycling gold medallist Jason Kenny
  • Sir Bradley Wiggins is a mentor to Olympic gold medal cyclist Laura Trott
  • Caroline Premont (cyclist and sister) mentor to Marie Helene Premont (World Cup and Olympic cyclist)
  • Eddy Merckx (Belgian cycling champion) mentor to Lance Armstrong (Tour de France winner)
  • Lance Armstrong mentor to Tyler Hamilton
  • Alison Sydor (Canadian and world champion cyclist) mentors herself
  • Marco Pantani (Tour de France and Giro champion) mentor to Stefano Garzelli (cyclist champion)
  • Wolfram Lindner mentor to Alex Zülle (Swiss cyclist)
  • Bernard Hinault (French cyclist) mentor to Greg LeMond (first American to win the Tour de France)

  • Retired Danish cycling champion, Brian Holm, was a mentor to British cycling champion Mark Cavendish.

  • Mountain bike world champion and medalist Catharine Pendrell is eager to provide #mentoring to others.


  • Veteran dogsled musher Ed Iten is a mentor to Bethel, Alaska-born American sled dog racer and Iditarod champion Peter Kaiser.


  • Peter Westbrook (US Olympic medalist) mentor to Oba Simmonds and Olympic medalist Daryl Homer.

  • Keeth Smart (fencing instructor and Olympic games medalist) is a mentor to Daryl Homer, first American to medal in saber fencing at world championships.


  • Championship athlete and Canadian Hall of Fame golfer Betty Stanhope-Cole (1937-2017) was a mentor to young players and Canadian Ladies Golf Association.

  • Championship athlete and Canadian Hall of Fame golfer Betty Stanhope-Cole (1937-2017) was a mentor to young players and Canadian Ladies Golf Association.

  • Golf legend Rose Naliaka (Bio) is a mentor to Naomi Wafula, winner of Kenyan tournament.

  • Hall of Fame Canadian golfer Dan Halldorson (1952-2015) is a mentor to Canadian tour pro Graham DeLaet.

  • Colin Swatton is a mentor to Jason Day (PGA Champion golfer)

  • Hee Kyung Seo, an L.P.G.A. player, is a mentor to Gee Chun, winner of the 70th U.S. Women’s Open golf tourney.


  • Harvey Penick (golfer, 1904-1995) mentor to Ben Crenshaw (late Ryder Cup Team captain) and Sandra Palmer (19-time LPGA tour winner)

  • Ben Crenshaw is a mentor to Jordan Spieth (winner of the 2015 August Master's), who said of his mentor "I've learned a lot just from watching him."

  • Sisters Across America was founded in 2006 as a nonprofit organization to mentor young minority women seeking to play professional golf.

  • Phil Mickelson is a mentor to Keegan Bradley and Rickie Fowler
  • Jack Nicklaus is a mentor to Sergio Garcia
  • David Toms is a mentor to John Peterson, Masters qualifier
  • Seve Ballesteros (1957-2011) is a mentor to José María Olazábal
  • Bernhard Langer is a mentor to Martin Kaymer
  • Tommy Roy, network sports broadcaster, is a mentor to Kelly Tilghman, golf broadcaster on cable TV.

  • Pia Nilsson mentor to Annika Sorenstam
  • Charlie Earp (golf pro) mentor to Greg Norman (his mentor told him: "Tell the truth wether you like it or not."
  • Arnold Palmer mentor to Rocco Mediate
  • Mark O'Meara and Butch Harmon mentors to Tiger Woods
  • Tiger Woods is a mentor to golfer Jason Day.
  • Butch Harmon (coach) mentor to Adam Scott (PGA player)
  • Raymond Floyd (former US Ryder Cup captain) mentor to Fred Couples (golfer)
  • Eduardo Romero (Argentine golfer and European Masters winner) mentor to Ricardo Gonzalez (Argentine golfer and European Masters winner)
  • Jay Haas (PGA tour pro) mentor to his son, Bill (US amateur champion)
  • Karrie Webb (LPGA player of the year) mentored by Kevin Haller (Australian coach)
  • Lorie Kane (Top 10 LPGA golfers) mentored by Jack McLaughlin (Vancouver golf pro)
  • Nick Faldo (British golfer and PGA player of the year, 1990) mentor to Nick Dougherty (British golfer)
  • Jack Stephens, Chairman of the Augusta National Golf Club mentor to Carl Jackson (PGA Tour caddy)
  • Vijay Singh (PGA golf professional) is a mentor to Jason Dufner

  • Ernie "Big Easy" Els (PGA golfer) is a mentor to South African and PGA Champion golfer Branden Grace.


  • Ukranian gymnast Alex Shatilov is a mentor to Ukranian-born Israeli gold medalist gymnast Artem Dolgopyat.
  • Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean (Olympic gold medal skating pair) act as mentors to Great Britain's rhythmic gymastic team for 2012 Olympics.
  • Takashi Ono (Japanese gymnast) mentor to Yukio Endo (1937-2009) (world and Olympic medal gymnast)
  • John Roethlisberger (Olympic champion gymnast) mentor to Blaine Wilson (Olympic gymnast)

  • Karen Cockburn is a mentor to Canadian gold medalist in trampoline Rosie MacLennan. Ms. Cockburn described their mentoring relationship: "I've learned just as much from her as she has from me. We complement each other well as teammates because although we have a lot of similarities we do have different strengths. She pushes me out of my comfort zone when I'm scared. I help her think through strategies and calm her down if her mind is racing."

  • Karen Cockburn (2002 World Women's Singles Champion) mentored by Dave Ross, Canadian National Team Coach.

  • Romanian Olympic gymnast Nadia Comanechi is a mentor to Romanian professional tennis player Simona Halep.


  • Canadian hockey and football coach, former university dean Dennis Kadatz (-2019) is a mentor Canadian sportswriter and member of the Hockey Hall of Fame Terry Jones; Canadian football coach Marv Roberts; and Canadian hockey coach George Kingston.

  • Former NHL player, NHL team general manager and executive Kenny Holland is a management mentor to Hockey Hall of Fame member, NHL team general manager, and team captain for a record 20 seasons Steve Yzerman.

  • Canadian Ron Wilson, a National Hockey League coach, is a mentor to Calgary, Alberta-born former player and NHL and WHL coach Tim Hunter.

  • Saskatchewan-born Canadian Hayley Wickenheiser, regarded as one of the best female hockey players in the world and one of the best softball and fastball players is an award winner, community leader and mentor in the sport and physical activity community. She has been a member of the IOC Athletes’ Commission since 2014 Wickenheiser spearheads a project every year, the Canadian Tire Wickenheiser World Female Hockey Festival, or "Wick Fest", where all proceeds go towards Right to Play and JumpStart; both organizations that provide mentors to kids from around the world have the opportunity to participate in sport.

  • Canadian goalie coach Jerry McDougall was a mentor to professional hockey player and Stanley Cup-winning goal tender Ray Emery (1982-2018), who, in turn, volunteered as a mentor for several university students.

  • Award-winning Canadian professional hockey executive, former professional hockey player and member of the Hockey Hall of Fame Bill Torrey (1934-2018) was known to have mentored many generations of NHL general managers, including hockey general manager, Bill Talon.

  • The first captain for the Winnipeg Jets professional hockey team; a player on a hockey team that won four Stanley Cups in a row; and a member of the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame Alvin (Ab) McDonald is a mentor to former professional hockey player and goaltender Joe Daley.

  • American professional ice hockey executive Lou Lamoriello is a mentor to Ontario-born Canadian professional ice hockey executive Kyle Dubas.

  • Toronto, Ontario-born award-winning Canadian former professional ice hockey player and coach Dale Hawerchuk is a mentor to Ontario-born Canadian professional ice hockey player Mark Scheifele.

  • Rhode Island-born professional ice hockey executive and member of the Hockey Hall of Fame Lou Lamoriello is a mentor to Ontario-born Canadian professional ice hockey executive and former player Brendan Shanahan.

  • American professional hockey defenceman Ron Hainsey is a mentor to West Vancouver, British Columbia-born Canadian NHL defenceman Morgan Reilly.

  • British Columbia Hockey league team manager Mel Smith (1947-2019) was described by the president of the Grizzlies hockey team, Lance Black, as a "surrogate father to many of the players and a friend and mentor to all."

  • Born in the Slovak Republic Canadian professional hockey player with the Chicago Blackhawks, member of the Hockey Hall of Fame, and the inventor of the curved hockey stick Stan Mikita (1940-2018) is a mentor several professional hockey players including former player and radio colour analyst Troy Murray; and professional hockey executive and former professional hockey player Doug Wilson, who said of his mentor: "He taught so many of us about the game of hockey and, more importantly, he taught us even more about life. It was a distinct honor and privilege to know Stan and to call him my friend and mentor."

  • Canadian Olympic head coach Melody Davidson is the coaching mentor for the International Ice Hockey Federation.

  • National Hockey League coach Ken Hitchcock is a mentor for National Hockey League coach John Stevens.

  • Quebec-born Canadian veteran National Hockey League coach and general manager Bryan Murray (1942-2017) was a mentor to hockey commentator Doug Maclean; NHL team owner Eugene Melnyk; and NHL executive Pierre Dorion, who said of his mentor, "If I ever have success, a lot of credit will have to be given to Bryan Murray. He taught me well. He taught me to handle myself, talk with the other GMs, how to do contracts and all are key factors to be a GM in the NHL.

  • Former Minnesota hockey coach and member of the Hockey Hall of Fame John Mariucci is a mentor to NHL and NCAA hockey coach Herb Brooks.

  • University hockey coach and a trainer of hockey coaches, Canadian Clare Drake was awarded membership in the Order of Canada in part because he "mentored generations of amateur and professional coaches of men's and women's hockey through his involvement in local, provincial and national coaching clinics."

  • Swiss-born NHL defenceman Mark Streit is a mentor to Canadan-born NHL player John Tavares.

  • Hockey great Trevor Linden calls NHL coach Pat Quinn his mentor. "He was instrumental in shaping me as a person and as a leader."

  • NHL Canadian defenceman Dion Phaneuf is a mentor to Canadian NHL defenceman Morgan Rielly.

  • Ernie Fedoruk (1931-2010), Canadian sportswriter, is a mentor to Canadian Alex Robertson, former hockey player and sports broadcaster. Robertson noted that Ernie knew everything about fishing especially catching fish on Vancouver Island, his home base. "One day when Ernie took me fishing" Robertson said of his mentor, "we found ourselves out in the water with hardly anybody else around and I got kind of worried and said, 'Hey, at least there are two other people in a boat.' Ernie laughed and said: Hey, Robertson, those are two seagulls on a log." Mr. Fedoruk died of Alzheimer's disease.

  • Ryan Smyth (LA Kings hockey player, former captain of Canadian hockey teams in international competitions and member of the Order of Hockey in Canada) mentor to Brayden Schenn (LA Kings hockey player and scoring leader in 2010 World Junior Hockey championships)

  • NHL goalie Jonathan Quick is a mentor to NHL goaltender Martin Jones.

  • "Mr. Hockey," Gordie Howe (1928-2016) is a mentor to "The Great One," Wayne Gretzky, among others.

  • NHL player Shea Weber is a mentor to NHL player Roman Josi.
  • NHL player Kyle Okposo is a mentor to NHL scorer Brock Nelson.
  • NHL coach Pete DeBoer is a mentor to NHL coach Steve Spott.
  • Sergei Fedorov (Russian former NHL hockey player) is a mentor to Alex Ovechkin (Russian NHL player)
  • Jason Spezza (NHL player) is a mentor at the Allstate All-Canadians National Mentorship Camp
  • Jonathan Toews (NHL player) is a mentor to Brandon Saad (NHL player)
  • Chris Pronger (NHL player) mentor to Luke Schenn (NHL player)
  • Colton Orr (NHL player) is considered a mentor by NHL player Jay Rosehill
  • Shannon Miller (Canadian Olympic medalist, five-time NCAA hockey chamionship coach) is a mentor to the staff of the Russian women's hockey team
  • Dave King (NHL player development specialist) is a mentor to Dave Tippett (NHL coach)
  • Mario Lemieux (NHL Hall of Fame player) mentor to Jaromir Jagr (NHL player) and Sidney Crosby (NHL player)
  • Herb Brooks (late hockey coach) mentor to Dean Blais (hockey coach)
  • Adam Graves (NHL player) mentored by his father, Henry
  • Bran Richards (NHL scoring leader) mentor to Michael Del Zotto (NHL defenseman)
  • Bryan Trottier (All-Star hockey player) mentored by his father, Eldon
  • Mike Keenan (NHL coach) mentor to Joe Thornton (NHL player)
  • Garnet Ace Bailey (hockey player, scout, perished in World Trade Center air crash) mentor to Wayne Gretzky
  • Toe Blake (eight-time Stanley Cup champion) mentor to Scotty Bowman (Detroit Red Wings coach)
  • John Vanbiesbrouck (NY Islanders goalie) mentor to Rick DiPietro (top NHL draft player)
  • Scotty Bowman (NHL coach) mentor to Mike Keenan (NHL coach)
  • Bobby Orr (Hall of Fame hockey player) mentor to Dr. Robert Thirsk (astronaut, physician, engineer, scientist)

  • KimmoTimonen (NHL player) is a mentor to Teuvo Teravainen (NHL defenceman).

  • Edmonton, Alberta-born retired professional hockey player, considered one of the greatest players of all time, 15-time All-Star and member of the Hockey Hall of Fame Mark Messier said his father and former ice hockey player, Doug, is his mentor.


  • Adelaide, Australia-born Olympic Gold Medal equestrian Gillian Rolton (1956-2017) was a coach and mentor to many young equestrians when she retired from competition. She was a fearless model of champion leadership and achieved her Olympic dream competing on her horse Peppermint Grove (better known as "Fred" or "Freddie"). During her Olympic competition she fell from her horse and the horse rolled over on her breaking her collarbone and ribs, but remounted to finish the compettion and help the Australian equestrian team win a gold medal in the 1996 Atlanta summer games.

  • Halifax, Canada-born Olympic medalist and Pan American Games medalist equestrian Ian Miller announced his retirement in 2019 while holding the record for participating in more Olympics (10) than any other athlete and has left an exceptional legacy for Canada's equestrian community as a mentor. He said, "So many people have helped me for so long, it's time for me to help people."

  • National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame member and award-winning horse trainer Bobby Frankel (1941-2009), born in Brooklyn, New York is a mentor to horse trainer and owner Chad Brown, whose horse, Cloud Computing, won the 2017 Preakness.

  • Hall of Famej jockey Willie Shoemaker is a mentor to trainer Paddy Gallagher.

  • Hall of Fame jockey Mike Smith is a mentor to top jockey Drayden Van Dyke.

  • Hall of Fame jockey Angel Cordero is a mentor to Kentucky Derby winning jockey John Velazquez, Pito (Efraim) Rosa, and Eric Cancel

  • Jockey Pito (Efraim) Rosa is a mentor to horse racing brothers Irad Ortiz and Jose Ortiz

  • D. Wayne Lukas (Triple Crown winner trainer) mentor to Bob Baffert (Triple Crown winner trainer) and jockey Todd Pletcher
  • Buddy Jacobson (horse trainer) mentor to Bobby Frankel (thoroughbred trainer and member of the Racing Hall of Fame)
  • Captain Tim Forster (late UK trainer) mentor to Henry Daly (UK trainer)
  • Colin Hayes (Australian breeder) mentor to Lucy Boling
  • Frank Garza (jockey) mentor to Francisco Duran (jockey)
  • John Mack (trainer) mentor to Richard Dos Ramos (Gomez award winning jockey)
  • Nuno Oliviera (dressage teacher) mentor to Luis Valenca Rodrigues (co-founder, Portuguese Royal Riding School)
  • Neville Begg (Australian jockey) mentor to Ron Quinton (Champion jockey)
  • Ian Millar (Canadian and Olympic Equestrian) mentor to Jill Henselwood (World Cup Equestrian)

  • Liz Ashton, former president for 14 years of Camosun College in Victoria, British Columbia was a three-time Olympian on the Canadian equestrian team. She specialized in eventing, where riders compete in cross-country jumping, stadium jumping and dressage. She won the Gold Medal at the 1978 World Championships, and is a member of the Canadian Eventing Hall of Fame. Her mentor is Jim Elder who won gold for Team Canada in the 1968 Olympic Games.

  • Montreal-born Canadian Olympic equestrian champion for show jumping Eric Lamaze is a mentor to Vancouver, British Columbia-born Canadian equestrian team veteran Tiffany Foster.

    MARTIAL ARTS (Judoka, Judo, Tai-Kwan-Do, Juijisu)

  • Sensei (Professor) Richard Kim mentor to Peter Urban (2003 Black Belt Man of the Year, Bio)

  • Sensei Nakamura mentor to Keith Morgan (World champion judoka participant and Canadian)

  • Judo coach Jimmy "Big Jim" Pedro Sr. is a mentor to 2012 Olympic judo champion Kayla Harrison

  • Judo coach Anatoly Rakhlin (1938-2013) is a mentor to Russian President Vladimir Putin

  • Japanese judoka world and Olympic champion Masahiko Kimura (1917-1993) was a mentor to Canadian judo Olympic and Pan-American games medal winner, the first Canadian to win an Olympic medal in this sport, and professional pilot Douglas Rogers (1941-2020), who is a member of the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame.

    NORTH AMERICAN FOOTBALL (Canadian and USA) (Connection to team name is typically not provided since changes occur so often in the leagues.)

  • American professional football coach and multiple league championship winner Paul Brown (1908-1991) was a mentor to American professional and college football coach Bill Walsh (1931-2007).

  • Record-setting NFL running back and Pro Football Hall of Famer Gale Sayers (1943-2020) established the Gale Sayers Center that provides after-school program for children ages 8–12 from Chicago's west side and focuses on leadership development, tutoring, and mentoring.

  • Hall of Fame professional football player, an All-Pro and four-time Pro Bowler Fred Dean (1952-2020) considered Hall of Fame professional football coach Bill Walsh (1931-2007) his mentor.

  • American professional football executive and former player John Lynch considers Professional Football Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway as his mentor.

  • NFL coach Bill Belichick is a mentor to NFL quarterback Tom Brady. Here's the mentoring story as told by MentorResources: "Tom Brady is one of the greatest sport’s stories of all time. He was a 6th round pick in the 2000 NFL draft and filled in for the 'god-like' Drew Bledsoe when he was injured in the 2001 season. Brady went on to take the Patriots to the Super Bowl and took on the job as the Patriots' starting QB. He'd go on to win four Super Bowls and cemented his place amongst the greatest football players to ever take the field. That's the story everyone knows. The story that's behind the curtain is what happened the season before Brady's first Super Bowl win. When Brady was drafted in 2000, the Patriots were going through a rebuild and they considered Brady to be a long term project. The front office didn't think Brady would even make the final roster. But when the final roster came out, Tom Brady was listed as the 4th Quarterback. This was an odd choice. Teams usually carry three QBs. It was Belichick's call to find a way to keep Brady on the roster, even at the expense of depth at other positions. Belichick saw something in Brady. He nurtured the young QB into a force of nature and Belichick's intuition paid off in dividends."

  • Legendary Canadian and Victoria, British Columbia football coach Roy Vollinger (1942-2020) mentored thousands of athletes, including local football program coordinator Mark Townsend; former player Bart Zowtuck; andd former player Gary Eisenstein.

  • Legendary American college football coach and player Paul "Bear" Bryant (1913-1983) was a mentor to American college football coach Pat Dye (1939-2020) who was a mentor to retired college baseball coach Hal Baird.

  • Ohio-born winningest coach in American pro football history and member of NFL Hall of Fame Don Shula (1930-2020) was known as a "remarkable mentor" by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

    Coach Shula was mentored by former NFL coach George Wilson.

  • American author, speaker and former NFL coach Tony Dungy is a mentor to American football coach Lovie Smith.

  • Canadians Georgina Paull and Emily Clarke are the first two women to work as field officials for the Canadian Football League. A CFL official will act as a mentor to the women for their first season on the field. Both women played football for many years before becoming officials.

  • Former Laval football player and player in the National Football League Antony Auclair is a mentor to multiple award winning Canadian football player Mathieu Betts.

  • CFL quarterback Zack Collaros is a mentor to CFL quarterback Cody Fajardo.

  • Toronto-born Canadian university football coach and former professional football player Bruce Coulter (1927-2018) was known as a mentor to thousands of students and athletes, including professional football executive and former professional football player Larry Smith.

    Frank Giffen was a life-long mentor through the Big Brothers organization to Toronto-born Canadian star CFL and NFL football lineman Mike Labinjo (1980-2018).

  • American professional football player, coach and member of the College Football Hall of Fame Dick Modzelewski (1931-2018) is a mentor to Grants Pass, Oregon-born American professional football player, mentor program advocate, sports photographer and Pro Bowl player Jerry Sherk.

  • The first African-American player to be drafted into the National Football League, social worker, social work teacher, and university affirmative action coordinator George Taliaferro (1927-2018) was a mentor to Indiana University Vice-President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Fred Glass. Mr.Glass said, "He was a mentor to me, and, like all great mentors, was often one who was appropriately challenging me."

  • Massachusetts-born American football and baseball player, coach and athletics administrator Ray Eliot (1905-1980) was a mentor to Utica, Illinois-born American-born college football player and Canadian professional football head coach and general manager Leo Cahill (1928-2018).

  • Toronto-born Canadian football player and coach Bruce Colulter (1927-2018) was described in his obituary as a "mentor to thousands of students."

  • Former National Football League oustanding and retired player Carl Eller, who has been an vocal advocate for player's rights, benefits, health insurance, tuition assistance, fair pay, and injury prevention is considered "a great mentor" by Tracy Perlman who runs the Legends Committee for the NFL.

  • Famed Stanford and NFL quarterback Frankie Albert (1920-2002) was a mentor to Texas-born NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Y.A. Tittle (1926-2017), who was a hired by the NY Giants in 1970 as a quarterback mentor.

  • Former University of Florida head football coach is a mentor to student athlete Eddy Piñero.

  • Canadian Football League coach, general manager and CFL executive Wally Buono, born in Italy, is considered by California-born actor, producer and professional wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to be a mentor. Mr. Johnson played under coach Buono when he was on the practice squad of the Calgary Stampeders CFL team. He credits Coach Buono for boosting his career by cutting him from the CFL team.

  • Massachusetts-born Canadian CFL coach who won 10 Grey Cups and is a member of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame Don Matthews (1940-2017) is a mentor to former CFL running back Robert Drummond; and Mike "Pinball" Clemons, who said of his mentor/coach, "He was, quite frankly, the best leader I've ever been around. He taught me so much and the majority of those lessons you didn't realize were lessons until after the experience when you realized you walked away with more than you gave, more than you were promised and much more than you were entitled to....He had a way of bringing out the best in people, he put you in the best position to be successful."

  • NFL quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is a mentor to NFL quarterback Bryce Petty.

  • Leroy Rockmore, a junior high school assistant principal, is a mentor to Tony Dungy, author and NFL player and coach. "When I was in school the only time you had any interaction with a principal was if something bad happened. Mr. Rockmore was different. He'd come and sit next to students in the cafeteria and simply have a conversation about how things were going. It was important to him to have a relationship with each student. Later, when I was in high school I quit the football team because of a dispute with the coach. When Mr. Rockmore found out I had quit, he came to visit me and said, 'You can't let a dispute, conflict or an emotional moment get in the way of what you really like to do." I wouldn't have rejoined the team (and eventually gone on to a productive career as a professional football player in the NFL) if he hadn't wanted to develop a personal relationship with me and instead just treated me as if it was his job." Tony Dungy is the author of The Mentor Leader: Secrets to Building People & Teams that Win Consistently.

    "Each of us, if we would grow, must be committed to excellence and to victory, even though we know complete victory cannot be obtained, it must be pursued with all one's might. The championships, the money, the color; all of these things linger only in the memory. It is the spirit, the will to excel, the will to win; these are the things that endure." - Vince Lombardi (1913-1970) American football coach.

  • Tom Landry (1924-2000), football player and NFL coach, is a mentor to NFL quarterbacks Roger Staubach and Don Meredith.

  • Henry S. Miller is a mentor to NFL quarterback, Roger Staubach. Staubach's Success Strategies: 1. find a mentor; 2. be a person of integrity; 3. tap into your innovation; 4. believe in your team; and 5. know your priorities.

  • NFL coach Andy Reid is a mentor to NFL coach Doug Pederson.

  • NFL coach Mike McCarthy (with the Green Bay Packers in 2015) is a mentor to NFL coach Ben McAdoo (head coach for the NY Giants in 2016).

  • NFL cornerback Rashean Mathis, who retired with a brain injury, is a mentor to NFL cornerback Darius Slay.

  • College coach Tom Herman is a mentor to Drew Mehringer, coordinator/coach.
  • Jeremy Mincey, NFL defensive end, is a mentor to NFL defensive end Greg Hardy.
  • Craig Dahl, NFL player and safety is a mentor to NFL player Landon Collins.
  • NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Roger Staubach is a mentor to NFL great Emmitt Smith.
  • Joe Paterno (college coach) is a mentor to Tom Bradley (college coach)
  • Former Texas A&M head coach Mike Sherman is a mentor to NFL QB Ryan Tannehill
  • NFL Hall of Fame player Michael Irvin is a mentor to Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler
  • Former CFL QB Tom Wilkerson is a mentor former Seahawk's QB Warren Moon who is a mentor to NFL QB Russell Wilson
  • Tamba Hali and Eric Berry are mentors to Justin Houston.
  • Reggie Wayne (NFL receiver) is a mentor to NFL receiver T.Y. Hilton
  • Georgia Tech coach George O’Leary is a mentor to Penn State’s coach Bill O’Brien
  • Sean Payton (NFL coach) is a mentor to Dennis Allen (NFL coach)
  • High school football coach Ed Walsh was a mentor to football great Jim Brown. "He taught me to be a man," Brown said.
  • Scott Milanovich (CFL head coach) mentor to Marcus Brady (CFL quarterback)
  • Mark Brunell (NFL quarterback) is a mentor to Mark Sanchez (NFL quarterback)
  • Mike Westhoff (NFL special teams coach) is a mentor to Rex Ryan (NFL team head coach)
  • Dary Stone, lawyer, is a mentor to NFL Hall of Fame inductee and former New York Jet, Curtis Martin
  • Terrell Suggs (NFL defensive player) calls his high school coach, John Wrenn, his mentor. "He was a man who came into my life with no expectations, no motive, no personal gain, nothing more than a belief that I could be something big in life. He gave me a lifeline and I was able to ride into a life that no poor kid could have ever dreamed."
  • Bill Belichick (NFL coach) mentor to Eric Mangini (NFL coach) and Nick Saban (former NFL coach and in 2013 coach of Alabama)
  • Nick Saban (head coach at LSU) is a mentor to Jimbo Fisher (coach)
  • Tom Moore (former NFL offensive coordinator) mentor to Peyton Manning (Four-time NFL MVP)
  • Byron Wizzer White (Supreme Court Justice and NFL player) mentor to Nick Lowery (NFL player)
  • Buddy Ryan (Chicago Bear coach) mentor to Mike Singletary (NFL All-Star)
  • Terry Donahue (NFL GM) mentor to Rick Neuheisel (NCAA coach)
  • Paul Hackett (NFL coach) mentor to Chad Pennington (NFL quarterback)
  • Don Matthews (CFL coach) mentor to Robert Drummond (CFL player)
  • Toronto Argos head coach Scott Milanovich is a mentor to former CFL quarterback and current offensive coordinator Marcus Brady
  • Frank Leahy (Boston College and Notre Dame Coach) mentor to John Druze (Seven Blocks of Granite at Fordham Unviersity)
  • John Druze mentor to Leon Hart (1949 Heisman Trophy Winner)
  • Jimmy Johnson (NFL coach) mentor to Dave Wannstedt (NFL coach)
  • Chuck Noll (NFL coach) mentor to Rick Wannstedt (NFL executive)
  • Sean Payton (NFL coach) and Mickey Corman mentors to Bill Parcells (NFL coach)
  • Bill Parcells (NFL coach) mentor to Maurice Carthon (NFL coach)
  • Tony Dungy (NFL coach) and Dick Vermeil (NFL coach) mentors to Herman Edwards (NFL coach)
  • George O'Leary (NFL coach) mentor to Mike Tice (NFL coach)
  • John Randle (NFL player) mentor to Chris Hovan (NFL player)
  • Jumbo Elliott (NFL player) mentor to Jason Fabini and Ryan Young (NFL players)
  • Dan Devine (former NFL and NCAA coach) mentor to Johnny Roland (former player, NFL coach)
  • Dennis Green (NFL coach) mentor to Mike Tice (NFL coach)
  • Jim Brown mentor to Rockhead Johnson
  • Emmitt Smith (NFL career rushing leader) mentor to La Dainian Tomlinson (NFL Pro Bowl running back)
  • Charlie Weis (NFL coach) mentor to Tom Brady (NFL quarterback)
  • Sam Gash (NFL player) mentor to Alan Ricard (NFL player)
  • Earl Holmes (NFL player) mentor to Joey Porter (NFL player)
  • Howard Feggins (college coach) mentor to Sam Simmons (NFL player)
  • Lou Holtz (Notre Dame football coach) mentored by his uncle, Lou Tychonievich
  • Paul Bear Bryant (football coach, Alabama) mentor to Jim Kelly (NFL quarterback)
  • Paul Brown (NFL coach, owner) mentor to Bill Walsh
  • Bill Walsh (NFL football coach) mentor to Joe Montana (retired NFL quarterback, SF 49ers), Kenny Anderson (NFL quarterback, Cincinnati Bengals), Jerry Rice (NFL All-Pro receiver), Terry Donahue (NCAA and NFL coach) and Terrell Owens (NFL player)
  • Dan Reeves (NFL coach) mentor to Tommy Maddox (NFL quarterback)
  • Mike Holmgren (NFL coach) mentor to Steve Mariucci (NFL coach)
  • Michael Westbrook (NFL wide receiver) mentor to Rod Gardner (NFL wide receiver)
  • Vinny Testaverde (NFL quarterback) mentor to Ray Lucas (NFL quarterback)
  • Donovan McNabb (NFL quarterback) mentor to Michael Vick (NFL quarterback)
  • NFL QB Michael Vick is a mentor to NFB QB Geno Smith
  • Drew Bledsoe (NFL quarterback) mentor to Tom Brady (NFL quarterback)
  • Damon Allen (CFL quarterback) mentor to Khari Jones (CFL quarterback)
  • John Elway (NFL quarterback) mentor to Tony Maddox (NFL quarterback)
  • Pat Bowlen (Denver Broncos' owner) mentor to John Elway (NFL quarterback)
  • Doug Flutie (NFL quarterback) mentor to Drew Brees (NFL quarterback)
  • Steve Spurrier (NFL quarterback) mentor to Patrick Ramsey (NFL quarterback)
  • Chuck Noll (NFL coach) mentor to Marvin Lewis (NFL coach)
  • Steve Buratto (CFL coach) mentor to Tom Higgins (CFL coach)
  • Buddy Teevens (boyhood friend), John Montosi, (high school coach), and Rick Taylor (Boston University coach) were mentors to Tim Murphy (head coach, Harvard University)


  • Urbino, Italy-born Italian motorcycle professional racer and multiple world champion Valentino Rossi is a mentor to Rome, Italy-born champion motorcycle racer Franco Morbidelli.


  • Rock climber Conrad Anker is a mentor to Jimmy Chin, pro climber.


  • Simon Whitfield (Canadian Triatholon Champion) is a mentor to Adam van Koeverden (Canadian Olympic and World Cup canoe champion)

  • Mark Tewksbury (Canadian swimmer and three-time Olympic medalist) mentor to Marnie McBean (Canadian rower and three-time Olympic gold medalist)

  • Vancouver, British Columbia-born Canadian Olympic gold medalist rower, member of the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame, and member of the Order of Canada Marnie McBean, the author of The Power of More, a book about mentoring, is a mentor to Ontario-born Canadian three-time world champion boxer Mary Spencer.

  • Canadian Olympic kayaker Adam Van Kouverden is a mentor to Canadian canoeist & medalist Mark Oldershaw.


  • Spanish footballer and manager Luis Aragonés (1938-2014) was a mentor to former professional soccer player Fernando Torres. Here's the story as told by MentorResources: The Spanish National Team is one of the greatest soccer teams of all time. Between 2006 and 2014, they won two Euro Cups and one World Cup. Their amazing run began when Torres scored a legendary goal in the final of 2008 to give Spain its first title in 44 years. Aragonés was the team manager. The players launched him onto their shoulders in celebration of the victory and Aragonés' last match as head manager. This was the pinnacle of both Torres' and Aragonés' professional careers, but their history together was deep. Torres grew up as a youth player for Atletico Madrid. Aragonés was the head manager for Atlético and they progressed together through the ranks of the soccer world. Torres credited Aragonés with helping him be successful: "He would say to me everyday: 'Kid, you know nothing about nothing,' and I came to realize that he did that because he was preparing me for the future and because he believed in me."

  • Scottish soccer player Russell Martin provided advice to younger players who seem to have difficulty with their rising success. "At a younger age, say 17-18, players have the ability, but may not the mental ability to cope with their success. Sometimes it takes a bit longer. At that age, when you work hard and have a lot of ability, you can still be hard of yourself. You need a mentor to put an arm around you and point you in the right direction."

  • American Women's World Cup soccer player Becky Sauerbrunn is considered a mentor to younger defenders, including Tierna Davidson; and Abby Dahlkemper.

  • Former Brazilian soccer team Olympic gold medalist and superstar Neymar is a mentor to Monaco-born striker Kylian Mbappe.

  • Soccer coach and director of a Scottish league team, Craig Levein is a mentor to soccer coach Ian Cathro.

  • Soccer coach Johan Cruyff is a mentor to British soccer team manager Pep Guardiola.

  • Dutch professional soccer legend and coach Johan Cruyff (1947-2016) is a mentor to former Dutch international soccer player and soccer coach Wim Jonk.

  • Edmonton, Alberta-born Canadian rugby coach Ric Suggitt (1958-2017), who was the head coach of the women's team at the University of Lethbridge was described as "a coach of the highest calibre, a colleague, a mentor....", according to former Canadian rugby captain Gareth Rees.

  • Louis van Gaal is a mentor to David Moyers.

  • Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is a mentor to FIFA World Player of the Year, George Weah, Liberian footballer.

  • African team director & businessman, Eric Rosen (1947-2016), was a mentor to African footballer Simeon Jamanda.

  • Arsene Wenger (manager) is a mentor to Thierry Henry

  • New Zealander Jonah Lomu is a mentor to Australia fullback Israel Folau (Source)
  • Pep Guardiola is a mentor to Lionel Messi
  • Rugby coach Eddie Jones is a mentor to rugby coach Alama Ieremia
  • Michael Laudrup (soccer coach) is a mentor to Miguel Pérez Cuesta, known simply as Michu
  • Steve Black (former Tyneside bouncer) mentor to Jonny Wilkinson (former Newcastle player and now coach at Toulon)
  • Terry Venables (coach, Leeds United) mentor to Nick Barmby (midfielder)
  • Josef Venglos mentor to Lubomir Moravcik (international rugby player)
  • Robert Schwan (manager) mentor to Franz Beckenbauer (German footballer)
  • Mel Stein (agent) mentor to Paul "Gazza" Gascoigne (star footballer, England)
  • Waldermar de Brito (soccer player and coach) mentor to Pele
  • Park Kyong Ho (Korean soccer coach) mentor to Hwang Po Kwang (Japanese soccer coach)
  • Bora Milutinovic (China soccer coach) mentor to Alexandre Guimares (Costa Rica soccer coach)
  • João Havelange (former Fifa president) mentor to Sepp Blatter (Fifa president)
  • Lennart Johansson mentor to Issa Hayatou (Fifa president candidate)
  • Jomo Sono (African Nations coach) mentor to Benni McCarthy (South African soccer player)
  • Jock Stein (1922-1985) mentor to Sir Alex Ferguson (former manager, Manchester United)
  • Sir Alex Ferguson (Manchester United) mentor to Alex McLeish (manager, Rangers)
  • Valeri Lobanovsky, Russian National soccer team coach is a mentor to Ukraine soccer player Andriy Shevchenko


  • Award-winning American author Tayari Jones is a mentor to American writer, professor, editor & competitive Scrabble player Roxane Gay.


  • Wang Yifu (Chinese and Olympic champion in air pistol) mentor to Pang Wei (Chinese and Olympic champion in air pistol) - Details and photos (Requires membership in the Peer Resources Network)


  • Canadian pairs skating champions Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are mentors to dozens. Tessa Virtue stresses the value of having a mentor: "We've all had a mentor, coach, a teacher who has really impacted the trajectory of our lives." Both Virtue and Moir consider Canadian ice dancing two-time World silver medalists Marie-France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon, their mentors; as well as three-time Canadian Olympic gold medalist rower Marnie McBean, author of The Power of More: How Small Steps Can Help You Achieve Big Goals.

  • American short-track speed skater and eight-time Olympic medalist Apolo Ohno is a mentor to American short-track speed skater and three-time Olympian J.R. Celski.

  • Tatiana Tarasova (coach) mentor to Shae-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kratz (Canadian figure skating champions)
  • Uschi Kescler (coach) mentor to Elvis Stojko
  • Richard Gauthier (coach) mentor to David Pelletier (Olympic skater)
  • Viktor Petrenko mentor to Oksana Baiul
  • Anna Forder McLaughlin (coach) mentor to Barbara Underhill (Champion figure skater)

  • Canadian former competitive figure skater Elizabeth Manley is a mentor to Joannie Rochette (Canadian competitive medal-winning figure skater.

  • Canadian short track speed skater and Olympic medalist Marianne St-Gelais is a mentor to Sherbrooke, Quebec Canadian Olympic speed skater and World Cup medalist Kim Boutin.

  • Five-time Olympic medalist in the short track speed skating event Canadian Charles Hamelin is a mentor to Quebec-born Canadian Olympic speed skating champion Samuel Girard.

  • Olympic gold medalist ice skater, author and broadcaster Scott Hamilton is a mentor to Olympic gold medalist skater and broadcaster Tara Lipinski.


  • Between 1942 and 1945 Montreal-born Canadian twin sisters Rhona and Rhoda Wurtele won every ski race they entered in North America and were mentored by their older brothers Edgar and George. They were also mentored by Austrian ski coach Hermann Gadner (-1944), who died in an avalanche, and, who in turn, was mentored by Hannes Schneider, who was arrested by the Nazis.

  • Ski champion Sarah Schleper is a mentor to a nation of young skiers.
  • American former World Cup ski racer and Olympic gold medalist Picabo Street; and Swiss professional tennis player and winner of the most Grand Slam singles titles for a male player Roger Federer are mentors to St. Paul, Minnesota-born American World Cup alpine ski racer and Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn. She says Picabo Street, "inspired me to want to be an Olympian"...and Roger Federer is "now one of my biggest inspirations....I try to emulate him as much as I can and be a good role model."

  • Sarah Burke, Canadian freestyle skier and pioneer of the superpipe event (1982-2012, Bio) is a mentor to Canadian skier Rosalind "Roz G" Groenewoud, X Games Champion.
  • Sarah Schleper (U.S. women's team member for 13 years) mentor to Lindsey Vonn (World Cup, Olympic record-setting skiier)
  • George Stewart (coach) mentor to Steve Podborski (World Champion skier)
  • Adrian Costa (four-time Olympic mogul and World Cup freestyle competitor representing Australia) mentor to several Austalian youth skiers
  • Benni Raich (Austrian and four-time Olympic medalist) mentor to Gretta Small (Olympic Youth Games competitor from Australia)
  • Adam Lawton (adventure skier) mentor to troubled students at Gateway Academy
  • Paul Major (US ski team coach) mentor to Picabo Street (Olympic and World Cup skier)

  • Former Canadian ski jumping champion Steve Collins mentors Indigenous youth who are struggling with racism and tensions with police.


  • Dee Thomas (Fresh Water Hall of Fame Angler) mentor to Gary Klein (Bass Angler of the Year)


  • Canadian sportswriter and member of the Hockey Hall of Fame Terry Jones is a mentor to Canadian sportswriter Cam Cole Canadian sports broadcaster Don Brown (1935-2019) "mentored and guided the careers of hundreds, sharing the secrets of the craft he learned over the decades," according to veteran Canadian broadcaster Ron Devion.

  • Award-winning sports broadcaster who for decades delivered play-by-play commentary for major American sports and member of the Hall of Fame Dick Enberg (1935-2017) was a mentor to many others including broadcasters Jay Bilas, Don Van Natta, Jr. and Bob Papa, and to professional Basketball Hall of Famer Magic Johnson.

  • Nipawin, Saskatchewan-born Canadian print and broadcast sports journalist and author, known for his witty columns and radio commentaries Jim Taylor (1937-2018) was a mentor to many others, including Victoria, British Columbia Canadian columnist, reporter and author Jack Knox. When Mr. Taylor was asked how one gets to his hometown of Nipawin, he said, "You head the dog team north and when the last dog dies, you're almost there."

  • American sports writer known for his elegant prose Grantland Rice (1880-1954) was a mentor to award-winning sportswriter Fred Russell (1906-2003). Russell helped initiate the Grantland Rice Scholarship at Vanderbilt University in 1956 in honor of his longtime mentor.


  • Saskatchewan-born Canadian broadcaster, sports executive and leader, and social advocate Ken King (1952-2020) was a mentor to many including Canadian sports and entertainment executive John Bean.

  • Redcliff, Alberta-born, visionary organizer of the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta, Officer of the Order of Canada, recipient of Olympic Order in Gold and director of the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Vancouver and Whistler, B.C. Frank King (1936-2018) is a mentor to Irish-Canadian administrator of Canadian sports organizations John Furlong, leader of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic organizing committee.

  • Swiss-born Canadian and former director general of sports for the 1976 Montreal Olympics Walter Sieber is a mentor to Canadian executive Peter Montpoli; and Canadian businessman and soccer executive Victor Montagliani.


  • New Zealand-born Canadian squash professional, member of the Squash Canada Hall of Fame, National Team coach Stuart Dixon (1946-2019) is a mentor to many other squash players, including squash pro Chris Hanebury.


  • Charlie Ballard (legendary Harlem stickball player) mentor to Stickball Hall of Fame member Carlos Diaz


  • Edmonton, Alberta-based competitive swimming team manager and Member of the Order of Canada Ollie Currie was recognized by the province of Alberta for the countless hours she provided as a volunteer mentor to athletes, coaches and administrators.

  • Four-time Olympic diving champion Greg Louganis is a mentor to the US Olympic diving team.

  • Surfing world champion Layne Beachley is a mentor to Aussie teammate & 2014 Number one ranked surfer Stephanie Gilmore

  • Doug Frost mentor to Ian Thorpe
  • Teri McKeever (swim coach) mentor to Dana Vollmer (Olympic swimmer) and Natalie Coughlin (11-time Olympic swim medalist)
  • Debbie Muir (swim coach) mentor to Mark Tewksbury (Canadian swimmer and three-time Olympic medalist)
  • Bob Bowman (coach) mentor to Michael Phelps (American and Olympic Gold medalist) Details and photos (Requires membership in the Peer Resources Network)
  • Swim coach Sherm Chavoor is Olympic swimming champion Mark Spitz's mentor.
  • David Riddle (coach) mentor to Andy Irons (World professional surfing tour champion)


  • Fanny Letourneau (2000 Olympic Bronze Medalist) mentored by her former coach, Diane Charest (who is also her mother)

  • 3-time gold medal Canadian winner @OleksiakPenny will likely become a mentor for thousands.


  • Wu Zongfa (coach) mentor to Li Jiawei (table tennis champion)


  • Tennis coach Sam Sumyk was a mentor to Belarus-born professional tennis star Victoria Azarenka.

  • Belgium-born former professional tennis player Kim Clijsters is a mentor to Belgium-born professional tennis player Elise Mertens.

  • Romanian Olympic gymnast Nadia Comanechi is a mentor to Romanian professional tennis player Simona Halep.

  • Australian tennis coach Bob Brett is a mentor to Croatian tennis professional Marin Cilic.

  • Former Slovak tennis player and coach Marián Vajda is a mentor to Belgrade-born professional tennis player Novak Djokovic.

  • Hubert Eaton, Robert Johnson, and American boxer Sugar Ray Robinson (1921-1989) were all considered mentors by American professional tennis player and golfer, Althea Gibson (1927-2003).

  • Ecuador-born American and amateur and professinal tennis champion, member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame and tennis teaching pro Pancho Segura (1921-2017) who had rickets and malaria as a child and was told that tennis would strengthen him, is a mentor to St. Louis-born retired world No.1 tennis player and often considered the greatest player in the history of the sport Jimmy Connors.

  • Wimbledon tennis champion Goran Ivanisevic is a mentor to tennis champion Marin Cilic.

  • Tennis player and West Point grad Carolyn Pitman is a mentor to Katerina Stewart, tennis champion of the women's USTA Pro Circuit.

  • Grand Slam champion Jim Courier considered American tennis coach Nick Bollettieri his mentor.

  • Spanish tennis great Carlos Moya is a mentor to Canadian Milos Raonic.

  • Magnus Norman, retired Swedish professional tennis player is a mentor to Swedish tennis player Elias Ymer
  • Shuzo Matsuoka, first Japanese tennis player to win an ATP title, is a mentor to Kei Nishikori, U.S. open finalist
  • Ivan Lendl and Amelie Mauresmo are mentors to Andy Murray
  • Tennis pro Ernests Gulbis is a mentor to Austria's Dominic Thiem
  • Jelena Gencic is a mentor to Novak Djokovic
  • Peter Carter (Australian coach) and Stephan Edberg are mentors to Roger Federer
  • Goran Ivanisevic mentor to Ivan Ljubicic and Mario Ancic
  • Riccardo Piatti (Italian coach) mentor to Ivan Ljubicic
  • Ivan Ljubicic is a mentor to Roger Federer
  • Tim Gullikson mentor to Pete Sampras
  • Pam Shriver mentor to Venus Williams
  • Mirjana Lucic mentored by John Newcombe
  • Martina Navratilova mentor to Daniela Hantuchova
  • Martina Hingis is a mentor to Wimbledon Junior Champion Belinda Bencic
  • Billie Jean King mentor to Zina Garrison
  • Bob Brett mentor to Boris Becker
  • Zina Garrison mentor to Serena Williams
  • Percy Rosberg (tennis teacher) mentor to Bjorn Borg
  • Jo Durie mentor to Elena Baltacha
  • Todd Martin mentor to James Blake
  • Rick Macci (tennis coach) mentor to Jennifer Capriati and Mary Pierce
  • Mary Pierce mentored by her father, Jim
  • Nathalie Tauziat mentor to Selima Sfar
  • Jennifer Capriati mentored by her father, Stephano
  • Brad Gilbert and Nick Bollettieri mentors to Andre Agassi
  • David Felgate and Larry Stefanki mentors to Tim Henman
  • Tony Palafox (Davis cup winner and tennis coach) mentor to John McEnroe
  • Eleanor Tennant (tennis coach) mentor to Alice Marble (US spy and winner of 12 US Open and 5 Wimbeldon titles)
  • Rosemary Casals (tennis champion) mentored by her father, Manual Casals y Bordas
  • Gunther Bosch (tennis coach) mentor to Boris Becker
  • Boris Becker is a mentor to Novak Djokovic
  • Pat Cash and John Newcombe mentors to Patrick Rafter
  • Patrick Rafter mentor to Lleyton Hewitt
  • Frank Sedgman (former world tennis champion) mentor to Margaret Court (six time number one world tennis champion)
  • Dr. Walter Johnson (physician and tennis patron) mentor to Althea Gibson and Arthur Ashe


  • British neurologist, author and the first man to run a four-minute mile Sir Roger Bannister (1929-2018) was a mentor to triathlete, ironman champion Christopher Bergland, author of The Athlete's Way: Training Your Mind and body to Experience the Joy of Exercise; and was mentored by Olympic gold medal British athlete, author, lawyer and radio broadcaster Harold Abrahams (1899-1978).

  • Canadian champion coach, athlete and administrator, who excelled and set records in many sports Pat Lawson (1929-2019) was a mentor for many women and girls in athletics.

  • Named British Columbia's Athlete of the Century, Canadian track and field gold medal athlete and born in Prince Albert Saskatchewan, Harry Jerome (1940-1982) was a mentor to youth and inspiration to all Canadians. He excelled in all sports, was a recipient of the Order of Canada and worked in the Federal Ministry of Sport and, later, developed the British Columbia Premier's Sport Awards Program to encourage youth to become active and strive for their own athletic dreams.

  • Australian Olympic athlete and physical education teacher, who won a silver medal in the 1948 Olympic games June Ferguson (Maston) (1928-2004) was a mentor to New South Wales, Australia-born track athlete and four-time Olympic champion, known as the "Golden Girl" Betty Cuthbert (1938-2017).

  • Canadian Olympic sprinter and gold medal winner, Donovan Bailey, is a mentor to Olympic sprinter and medalist Akeem Haynes.

  • Australian triathlete and Olympic gold medalist Emma Snowsill is a mentor to Canadian and Olympic triathlete, Kirsten Sweetland.

  • Nick Nicholson is a mentor to New Zealand runner & 2016 Olympics sportsmanship award winner, Nikki Hamblin.

  • Running coach Sam Bell (1928-2016) was a mentor to many US Olympic team runners.

  • Alan Webb, American Olympian and previous record holder of the mile while in high school, is a mentor to Drew Hunter, record holder of indoor high school mile.

  • Long-time track coach, Tony Sharpe, is a mentor to Canadian track champion Andre De Grasse.

  • Kenyan 800m runner and African and Commonweatlh champion Eunice Sum considers Janeth Jepkosgei to be her mentor: "She inspires me, especially when I see her still running after what she has achieved."

  • Kerryn McCann (Australian marathon runner) mentor to dozens of marathon athletes - Details and photos (Requires membership in the Peer Resources Network)

  • Kyle Vander-Kuyp (Australian and Olympic champion hurdler) mentor to Otis Gowa (Champion hurdler) - Details and photos (Requires membership in the Peer Resources Network)

  • Perdita Felicien (Canadian, world champion hurdler) mentored by Miss Arthurs, who talked her into coming out for track in grade four and her agent, Renaldo Nehemiah, a former NFL player
  • Loretta Claiborne (1988 Special Olympics Athlete of the Year) mentored by Eunice Kennedy Shriver
  • Percy Cerutty (track coach) mentor to Herbert Elliott (Australian and world record holder for the mile)
  • Alain Mimoun (French track star) mentor to Michel Jazy (French track star and former world record holder)
  • Tom Tellez (University of Houston coach) mentor to Carl Lewis (world-class track and field athlete)
  • Marion Jones (world champion track athlete) mentor to Debbie Ferguson (Goodwill Games gold medal track athlete)
  • Charles Riley (track coach) mentor to Jesse Owens
  • Jackie Joyner-Kersee is a mentor to Olympic hurdler Dawn Harper
  • Mo Farah (British men's Olympic 10,000 meters champion) is a mentor to Galen Rupp, USA 10,000 meter silver medal winner)
  • Bob Kersee (track coach) mentor to Florence Joyner Griffith (Olympic athlete)


  • Former US waterpolo national team coach, Guy Baker, is a mentor to 2012 Olympic team coach Adam Kirkorian


  • Peter Gilmour (helmsman) mentor to Jim Spithall (Australian helmsman)
  • Russell Coutts (skipper, Swiss yatchting team) mentor to Dean Barker (New Zealand skipper)
  • Ben Lexcen (America's Cup winner) mentor to Sean Langman (ocean yacht designer)

Eric Davis: A baseball mentor to Shawon
Shawon Dunston: Learns from a mentor
Jeff Fassero: Learns from a mentor
Miguel Tejada: Infield mentor
Stephon Marbury: Learns from a mentor
Alonzo Mourning: Learns from a mentor
Pat Riley: A mentor to basketball coaches
Phil Jackson: A mentor to Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan: Returned the wisdom he gained from his mentors by being a mentor
Jaromir Jagr: Mentored by hockey great Mario Lemieux both on and off the ice
Rick DiPietro: Made learning a priority in rookie year with a goalie for a mentor
John Vanbiesbrouck: Mentor to top NHL draft pick Rick DiPietro, a new member of his team
Mario Lemieux: A top NHL player volunteers his time as a mentor
Patrick Ewing: A top NBA player volunteers as a mentor on and off the court
Anthony Mason: Sought the assistance of a mentor eventhough highly skilled
Althea Gibson: Her mentor also mentored the great Arthur Ashe
Margaret Smith Court: Her mentor also was a world champion
George W. Bush: Let me explain this to ya. It's true, I was mentored by a Democrat, but he helped me to develop my own ideas; it was mentoring, not preaching or judging.
Muffet McGraw: Notre Dame coach knows mentoring

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