Rates for Listing in the Mentor Directory

At the present time there is no charge for listing mentor workshops, training events, lectures, resources, program descriptions or services. However, in order for such activities to be listed, a number of conditions must be accepted. In addition if a listing here includes a website address, a reciprocal link to Peer Resources Mentor Pages must be maintained in the linked website.

Conditions for Each Listing:

This Directory relies on the mentor service provider to submit the material in their listing. Each practitioner takes responsibility for the accuracy of their own listing. We make no representations as to the quality, reliability, or effectiveness of any service listing. Persons who have concerns about any listing are encouraged to contact Helpful@islandnet.com privately and in confidence.

The system is maintained by Helpful Associates WEBMASTERS.
To gain access to this service
Call in Victoria, British Columbia: 595-3503;
or from anywhere else in Canada, call: 1-250-595-3503; or
fax: (250) 595-3504.

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