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Peer Resources
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Networking has always been considered a powerful tool for improving business prospects, advancing a career, and developing ideas. Other than some brief, structured events, networking has been mostly informal and inexpensive if not completely free. But membership is growing in many formal, long-term networking groups, and so is the price tag.

These groups are not groups for generating sales leads, nor are they places where indviduals can drop-in to gain quick advice on an immediate challenge. Instead, members meet regularly and are expected to share their expertise as well as receive ideas from others. Groups can include top CEO's, business executives, and established entreprenuers as well as struggling business owners and those just getting started in business.

Members typically sign non-disclosure agreements that not only prohibit sharing the content and composition of the group with outsiders, but also prohibit using the content to gain a competitive advantage over other peer group members. Groups often include an experienced facilitator or coach and use a structured discussion method to ensure air time for all participants. Some groups include additional features such as noted speakers and one-on-one coaching.

The growth of these peer mentoring groups as well as their cost has made the decision to become a member both more likely and more difficult. For the last year I became a member of a CEO peer mentoring group to understand first hand how the group worked, gain and share business ideas for Peer Resources, and assess the outcomes.

Other than anecdotal evidence and a few testimonials from group members, there does not appear to be much evidence of the effectiveness of peer mentoring groups. This does not mean they are not effective, but it does mean that potential members of such gold-plated groups must use caution when signing up for a group to make sure the group is right for them.

While research on these groups is sparse, there is a growing body of evidence that CEOs and other executives flourish when they have a mentor from outside their own organization. A study in the Harvard Business Review (April 2015) revealed that CEOs with formal mentors (1) were certain that company performance had improved; (2) saw themselves as making better decisions; (3) believed they were more capably fulfilling shareholder expectations; and (4) believed mentors had helped them avoid costly mistakes and become more proficient in their roles more quickly. In addition, the authors of the study found that the success of CEO to CEO mentoring required structured sessions with explicitly intended benefits and the ability to use storytelling as a key way to share knowledge.

MacKay CEO Forums
(604) 329 4998
North Vancouver, British Columbia
Founded in 2005 and now totaling approximately 1000+ members, this Canadian-based peer group model includes CEOs/Executives/Business owner groups and Small Business Groups.
CEO groups typically have 14 members (participants must have annual revenue of between $5MM-$5Billion; for Small Business Groups participants must have revenue between $250K-$5M; and at least two years in business), each group is led by a Forum Chair (typically an experienced and trusted CEO advisor); groups meet seven times/year (six day-long meetings and an annual two-day retreat); attend an annual dinner with spouses/significant others; members can also attend special summits and a CEO breakfast speaker series; members have four hours of one-on-one confidential meetings with a Forum Chair; podccasts, a membership directory, newsletter and special pricing for comprehensive health assessments and private healthcare services.
Fees are not specified on the wesbsite.
12 Mavens
(904) 536-1518
Jacksonville, Florida
A new private, by invitation only small inner circle / community of the founders and CEOs of fast growing, but noncompeting companies primarily doing between $5M-$100M.
Members meet in-person once a month every month and serve as each others confidential think tank and a sounding board that's made up of like-minded risk takers. Members get monthly interview videos that pick the brains of highly successful entrepreneurs, CEOs and experts, a private, secure online forum, weekly business insights and various member only events throughout the year.
Typical cost is $497 per month. New groups are being initiated in cities all over the U.S. and plans are being made for other countries.
SkyBridge Associates
(781) 879-7854
Boston, Massachusetts
James Millar
Executive peer networks that have been convened in the USA, Canada and Europe.
Groups typically meet three times a year to share experiences and explore topics of common interest. Meetings typically last two-to-three hours followed by dinner. An executive level discussion leader keeps the group on track and ensures that members needs are met. Debriefing calls are available to members who cannot attend a meeting.
Fees are typically paid by a third party or sponsorship rather than members themselves
CEO Focus
Indianapolis, Indiana
(317) 805-4924
(877) 903-6287
Peer advisory boards for business owners, CEO's, and entrepreneurs based in USA and Canada. Members are from non-competing local businesses.
Monthly meetings are held for a half-day in peer groups of 8-14 with a facilitator using a structured format, including a focused peer review of specific issues of the members and a roundtable educational discussion. Members also receive a monthly 1-2 hour coaching session to work on their specific challenges and opportunities. Format can vary based on the locations.
$500 initial fee and $6,000/year, but may vary based on location.
Become a Profit Pilot
Denver, Colorado
(303) 355-0550
(888) 300-9661
Business owners and CEOs of non-competing businesses. Membership in established groups is by invitation only.
Groups (called commands) typically meet once a month for four hours or twice a month for two hours each time depending on the preferences of each group. Each group is led by a member, known as the group commander. Currently groups are available in various cities in Colorado and Minneapolis. Plans are in place for higher level Profit Pilot Commands--100 to 500 employees--that will meet once a quarter for a day or two at a resort location for more intense problem solving and educational sessions.
Typical cost is approximately $300/month. The range is from $200 to $1,000 for groups that meet monthly. The cost is determined in consultation with the local Profit Pilots Commander depending on the makeup of the group and the cost of operating in the area. Higher level (resort location commands) are $2,500 to $5,000 per quarterly meeting.
American Small Business Coalition
370 U.S. government contractors around the world
Ten events monthly, focused on networking, professional development, and market intelligence. CEO's of larger companies can pay more and get one-on-one networking help and attend private meetings with other members and sometimes, government officials.
Up to $15,000
The Alternative Board
USA- & Canada-based CEO's, entrepreneurs, business owners
Meet monthly for half-day in peer groups of 10-12 with facilitator using structured method. Members also receive monthly 1-2 hour coaching session.
$450 initial fee and $3,000/year
Business Round Table
Open to entrepreneurs and those who have a financial interest in the business or are involved in the management of the business in Canada and the USA

Members meet once a month for about three hours. Each member signs a confidentiality agreement. Considered to be a group where members use guided mentoring to help each other. Fees are not disclosed on the website, but are typically $1000/year or $100/month (member choice)
Entrepreneurs' Organization
Members must have reached $1 million in sales by age 50
Monthly chapter meetings and smaller monthly discussion forums of eight to 12 peers.
Vistage International


CEO's of companies of any size (formerly called "TEC" - The Executive Committee) located in 15 different countries. In Canada the name is still TEC-Canada
In the most expensive programs, members attend monthly, full-day forums run by a paid facilitator, and up to 10 talks by Vistage speakers. At the lower fee level, the forums are shorter with fewer workshops.
Inner Circle International
Business owners from wide variety of businesses in the USA (one franchise in Canada)
Members meet in groups of 10-12 once a month for three hours and use a structured model for discussion. (Franchise-based model.)
Fee data not available at press time.
Renaissance Executive Forums
7855 Ivanhoe Avenue Suite 300
La Jolla, California 92037
Tel: (858-6600
Renaissance Executive Forums.com
Chief executives from non-competing businesses and separate group for direct reports of executives (USA and Canada)
Groups of 8-12 top executives meet for half-day monthly that includes focused peer review, a roundtalbe discussion, and an educational component. Once a quarter or monthly members meet one-on-one with meeting chairperson. A two-day workshop on success strategies is also included. Four to six times a year, direct reports of executives meet with peers from other non-competing companies. These meetings include an educational component, case studies, and diagnostic instruments and tools.
Fee data not available at press time.
Maverick Business Adventures
Entreprenuers with revenue of $1 million and up, or successful business people who earn at least $250,000/year Group provides several business trips a year in which members can meet other entrepreneurs and partake in sessions with well-known business owners. (A recent trip was to Mexico.) Fee is $10,000.
Women Presidents' Association
Leaders of companies with sales of at least $1-$2 million/year, depending on the industry Monthly three-hour forums led by trained facilitators, an annual conference, two or more regional meetings a year, and chapter retreats. Fees are $850 to $5,000.
Young Presidents' Organization
CEOs who have built companies with $8 million in sales by age 45; chapters in 100 countries A forum moderator guides 8-10 peers who meet 10 times per year. A spouse forum, young adult forum, couples forum, and family forum are also available. Fees are $7,000-$8,000 depending on chapter.
The CEO Connection
C-level executives of organizations with revenues of $500 million or more; must be nominated by existing member, and have shown leadership in field. Initiates with full-day bootcamp with 12 member maximum. In-person and online half-day forums; private briefings with top leaders Fee data not available at press time.
The Board Forum
CEOs, presidents, company owners and C-level executives primarily in the New England area. Members meet monthly for a half-day in groups of 8-12 with two facilitators. Members present challenges and receive feedback from the group. Guests also provide additional expertise and members receive one-on-one attention between meetings. Each group also has an annual 1-3-day retreat. Fees vary depending on the group and business size; the range is $1900-$12,000 per year.
Training Summit
CLOs, executives and people associated with training management Monthly teleseminars led by noted business leaders and training executives. $1000.00 per year.
Innovators Alliance
(905) 332-0340
A network of entrepreneurs who are CEOs. The goal is to empower each other while exploring new methods of creating value, building solutions, and encouraging each other to innovate. The intention of the group meetings is to help companies achieve growth and realize more profit. Monthly 3 hour facilitated meetings with a focus on innovation as well as strategic and tactical issues. Various chapters across Southern Ontario. Fees are $5247.00 plus applicable taxes.
Presidents of Enterprising Organizations
Canadian organization that provides four types of executive, peer to peer advisory boards. Membership based on size of organization and executive role in company. Monthly three-hour meetings with a top advisor. Annual 2.5 day retreat; enhanced annual physical exam; right to participate in special executive conference series. Some elements require extra fees. Depending on group, fees range from $5700/year to $12,000/year.
Communitech Peer 2 Peer Connections
A Canadian organization that provides peer connections for a variety of specialized job role groups in the Waterloo, Ontario area only. Group membership includes coaching from experts-in-residence Fee depends on size of company and can range from $300/year to $5,000/year.
C12 Peer Advisory Groups
A group based on Christian principles for CEOs, business owners and company presidents with five or more employees. Meets once a month for a full-day in various locations in the USA. Members also meet one-on-one with coaching chair of their group. The fee is based on a tiered pricing system based on the size of the company. A franchise system is also available where individuals can purchase for $12,000 the rights to host and manage a local group and use all proprietary materials. Training as a new chair typically costs $3,000.
Tiger 21
Founded in 1999 these groups are for high net-worth investors with a focus on moving from CEO or business leader to wealth manager. Participants must be responsible for at least $10million in investments. Groups are composed of 12-14 members who meet monthly in a facilitated day-long session. Members must commit to meet for at least 10 sessions per year. Members present their portfolios and receive advice from other members during a comprehensive review that often includes family and individual factors. The emphasis is on developing effective investment principles, not specific advice as to where to invest. The membership fee is $30,000/year. Chapters are available in major cities in the USA.
The Wisdom Collective
A Vancouver BC-based in-person group where participants are divided into three different groups depending on role responsibility: the Cedar Group for managers and leaders who supervise staff; and the Spruce Group executive and directors who manage managers. Groups are led by a certified executive coach and meet monthly for three-hours each month for six months. Members receive one-on-one coaching, customized goal attainment action plans, a learning journal and reference materials. The fee for the Cedar group is $1299+tax; the fee for the Spruce group is $1599+tax (prices in Canadian dollars). Nutrition breaks are included in the fee. At present only available in the Vancouver BC area.
Lighthouse Mentor Network
A Whistler, British Columbia-based mentor program where participants apply and are placed in suitable peer mentorship groups. Peer mentorship groups meet in-person once a month for six months with a trained facilitator. This comprehensive program is available to women only and is structured to solve challenges in both personal and professional realms. Extensive goal setting is supported with personalized exercises. One-on-one mentorship is available for both women and men. Peer mentorship program is approximately $679 per season. One-on-one mentorship is priced according to desired outcomes.
Boomer Consulting
(785) 537-2358
This organization specializes in creating peer groups to guide accounting firms in the areas of leadership and management; client development, talent development, technology, and compensation. From 15-25 people from peer-sized accounting firms help each other with 90-day game plans, share metrics and best practices and experiences with emerging technologies. Four different groups are available: the CEO Advantage peer group for managing partners (meets twice per year); the CIO Advantage peer group for technology professionals (meets for two-days twice per year); the Producer Circle for business and IT savvy thought leaders (meets twice per year with an additional four webinars); and the Technology Circles for IT Directors and Partners (meets three times per year). In person meetings typically take place in Kansas City, Kansas or San Francisco. Annual membership for an accounting firm is $7500.
Council on Executive Coaching
(Conference Board)
(212) 339-0230
The Council assists senior human resources or organization development executives, or managers in charge of corporate executive coaching programs within organizations with over $1B in revenue to examine the nuts and bolts of executive coaching. Peer learning meetings take place at least once a year and typically in New York City. Meetings cover such topics as neuroscience, managing risk in coaching, appreciative coaching, peer coaching, and transition coaching, and measuring ROI and coaching fee structures. Meetings are facilitated by a subject matter expert and run by an executive committee of the Council. Fee for participation is $8,500, and participants must be members of The Conference Board.
(206) 230-9070
No Email
This group brings together small groups of CEOs, presidents, or business owners (Innovation Teams) to work on their leadership issues. The organization also has a CEO to CEO Breakfast Series, held six times per year with the purpose of hearing a speaker and acting as a catalyst for peer-to-peer networking. Up to 15 executives meet every six weeks for four hours, eight times per year. A content expert attends each meeting, and the groups are facilitated by one of the two founders of the organization. At present meetings only take place in the Pacific Northwest. A LinkedIn discussion group is used to develop ideas between sessions. Fee for participation in the group is $US3,700 for the eight team meetings.
Presidents's Resource Organization
(312) 337-3658

PRO groups, founded in 1993, are made up of local entrepreneurs, small business owners, and key executives who meet monthly to tap into the collective wisdom of the group. Group meetings are primarily in the Phoenix and Chicago-areas. To join, potential members complete a questionnaire, a one-on-one interview, and then attend a group to determine whether there is a fit. (The website provides a video sample of a group meeting.) Specific fee information is not available on the website.
Peer Success Circles
(747) 224-7253
Skype: successcircles
Established in 2005 by Joseph J. Varghese as a mastermind group, these groups are for executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, writers and artists, mentors and coaches. Theoretical foundations rely on NLP, e-myth, and a focus on accountability. The core method of these groups centers on articipants engaging in one-on-one accountability buddy calls (not necessarily in-person) and optional weekly community calls. Buddies are assigned based on goals and drive for growth, and participants work with a variety of buddies every two-to-four weeks. Fees are approximately $466.60 for a full year or $77.60 per month. Fee details are available here.
Sage Executive Group
(800) 648-1063

Established in 2012; CEO's from $4 million plus companies meet monthly for 5 hours with a group of 12; C-level executives and sales and marketing personnel meet monthly for 2.5 hours. Groups of a maximum of 12 from diverse industries meet monthly with a paid facilitator; meetings are primarily in the San Diego, California area. Specific fee information is not available on the website.
Leader Exchange Council (LXCouncil)
(410) 970-4771
Email: info@lxcouncil.com

Member-based peer advisory groups consisting of business owners and leaders from a variety of industries. Potential members are interviewed to find fit with a complementary, non-competing board. Each group has a trained moderator and the focus is on sharing peer-to-peer experience and feedback; groups meet for 2.5 or 4 hours per month. Some groups include retreat meeting formats. Individual coaching is available A variety of proprietary tools and processes are available to members. Primarily operating in three US states currently. The fee depends on the location and type of group and ranges from $295.00/month to $600.00/month.
No phone on website
Email: yourchampion@ownersup.com

Membership is open to service-based small business owners with a minium on $100k annual revenue. Membership includes a weekly facilitated advisory board that keeps business owners on track daily, brainstorms new and innovative solutions that may have slipped past their blind spots, and ensures that they never stagnate or plateau. The service combines its proprietary goal tracking and journaling software with structured online peer groups that are facilitated online by experts to help their members take their business to the next level. Group calls span 60 minutes where five business owners participate in a video call facilitated by an OwnersUP business coach. The monthly fee is $497.00
GroYourBiz Ltd.
(604) 534-5007
Email: Barbara.Mowat@groyourbiz.com

Open to women business owners, who have senior responsibilities for the day to day running of the business and who demonstrate a readiness and commitment to take their business to the next level. Meet monthly with an Advisory Board of 16 to 18 women from non-competing industries, along with an Advisory Board Chair and representatives from top private sector organizations (BMO Bank of Montreal, BMO Harris Bank, KPMG, and TELUS). Draw upon the skills, expertise, inspiration and energy of like-minded entrepreneurs offering practical solutions to attracting tomorrow's customers and expansion needs. The fee is $100 monthly or an annual fee at a reduced rate of $1150.
Critical Mass CEO Peer Groups
27762 Antonio Parkway L1-489
Ladera Ranch, CA 92694
Tel: (949) 887-4104

Created by Ric Franzi, this group is a confidential peer advisory group for business executives. It operates primarily in the Orange County area of California. Groups meet monthly for a half-day and are facilitated by Ric Franzi. Members each receive one hour of individual executive coaching each month or quarter as well as feedback on tough issues. An annual half-day executive conference and an annual two-day strategic planning retreat are included. The annual fee is not listed on the website.
EQUUS Wisdom Circle™
518 Old Santa Fe Trail Ste #1-620
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505
Tel: (505) 570-9908

Created by Kelly Wendorf these failitated groups provide personal coaching and members benefit from group wisdom. Participants are considered on a first come, first serve basis. Groups of no more than five meet twice monthy for 90 minutes via a video conferencing system A 12-month commitment is required. Typical group sessions include dialogue, inquiry, guided journaling, coaching exercises, facilitated group exploration, reflection time, and light homework such as reading assignments or practice suggestions. The monthly fee is $450.00, and a non-refundable deposit is required to hold a place. The fee will be applied to the first month's Circle. As soon as five members are enrolled, that Circle is closed. Space is limited.
Circle Learning Labs, Inc
453 6th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11215
Tel: (917) 810-8176

Established to help CEOs, managers, educators and others learn to lead circle meetings through online sessions. An online demo is available to show how the groups work. Groups can also use an existing software format ("meeting rooms") to hold their own sessions. Groups of no more than eight meet four times, one day per week for 90 minutes via a video meeting/workshop system. A unique an easily learnable format system helps guide the meetings. Members learn to facilitate dialogue amongst each other, develop agendas, and deal with challenges The fee for four session is $715.00. Private workshops for existing teams are also available.

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